9 Sexy Small Tattoos for Women

Today women are leaning toward small tattoos that are easy to cover or ones that look dainty and elegant. Tattoo artists today do a wonderful job of making even the smallest tattoo have a big meaning.

Here are 9 small tattoos you should definitely check out if you’re in the market for some ink. 

Cute and Small

If you are young at heart and need a tattoo that represents that, then a small tattoo is perfect for you. They are perfect for those nights that you are out with your bestie and on a whim decide you want matching tattoos. They can be cartoon like, or of something like the adorable piglet in this post. 


Even small tattoos can have powerful meanings. A lot of popular ones that people are choosing these days are a saying, or a lyric from their favorite song. Some choose the name of a loved one. A lot of these are placed on the wrist or a finger so they can constantly be reminded of the meaning behind it. 

Small & Simple

For those of you that have more of a laid-back personality and a classic sense of style, a small tattoo is ideal. These tattoos are not only inexpensive, but they can also be placed just about anywhere on the body. 


The butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos on women today. This is mainly because the butterfly represents transformation, nature, as well as freedom. You also have the option of getting your butterfly in color or in a simple black and white. 


As small as this tattoo can be, it is actually pretty stunning due to the amazing colors. Representing longevity and adoration, it also symbolizes warmth, happiness, and joy. So if you are one of those wonderful people that are blessed with a “sunny” personality, this is the tattoo for you!


For those of you that are religious, the simple but meaningful tattoo. Many women like to have this tattoo placed somewhere that they can always be reminded that God is always with them. It can be as small as you want and can be placed anywhere on the body.


The heart tattoo is one that has been popular among women for centuries. This is because they are beautiful and represent a very strong emotion. Many women place a heart on them to remind them to live their lives through a lens of love. 


The majestic elephant represents prosperity and good luck as well as symbols for dignity, longevity and wisdom. Elephants are also matriarchal, and the herds are led by females and their babies. A small and simple elephant tattoo can be placed just about anywhere on the body that you feel represents you the best. 

Angel Wings

Angel wings are just as beautiful small as they are large. Some get the tattoo of angel wings to represent freedoms, while others have it as a representation of always being watched over by a guardian angel. Regardless of the reason, they are always stunning. 

Small tattoos can go anywhere on the body, but some of the most classic and delicate places are on the wrist or the ankle. If you are getting a small tattoo, it should take no longer than an hour to perform the procedure. The cost of a small tattoo ranges anywhere from $50-$200. The more details and colors the more expensive the tattoo. Regardless of what tattoo you choose, a small tattoo is a favorite of many. 

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