If almond nails are your go-to shape at the salon, we’re willing to bet you have an appreciation for classic styles, yet you aren’t afraid to hop on a trend once in a while. The harmonious blend of traditional and modern is what makes almond-shaped nails so appealing — and the perfect vehicle for trying out a variety of nail art trends. French manicures are particularly flattering on an almond nail shape, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to almond nail designs.

It’s no surprise that almond nails were given that name due to their resemblance to, you guessed it, an almond. The tapered sides and nearly pointed tips result in an undeniably elegant look, which is probably why so many celebrities (Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and Kendall Jenner, to name a few) opt for the shape. And while you can’t go wrong with a simple, singular nail polish color (nude is especially flattering as it elongates the fingers), nail art is a fun way to play up the shape.

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Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best almond nail designs to help you achieve a chic look with just the right amount of edge.

The Best Almond Nail Designs

Holographic Ombre

French tips may seem obvious when it comes to almond nail designs, but this holographic ombre look puts a futuristic (and seriously mesmerizing) spin on the trend.

Two-Tone Nails

Combining neutral tones with an unexpected pop of bright pink gives this nail design a playful feel.

Disco Ball Nails

This groovy design is the brainchild of Natalie Minerva, who serves as the nail artist on the HBO teen drama, Euphoria. Like her creations for the show, this set is flashy in all the right ways — and just plain stunning.

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Mismatched Animal Print

From crocodile to cheetah, animal prints continue to be prominent among nail trends, and it’s easy to see why. This mismatched design allows you to combine them all into one wildly cool nail moment.

Abstract Hearts

Using negative space, this manicure creates a sweet and subtle heart design. It’s also a great way to highlight your favorite color combos; this sage green and blue are particularly eye-catching.

Rose Gold Chrome French Tips

This manicure belongs to the one and only J.Lo, courtesy of her longtime nail artist, Tom Bachik. The star tends to prefer neutral tones and French manicures, but this style kicks it up a notch with metallic rose gold tips and jewel embellishments.

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Marble Swirls

Feeling trendy? This look combines three popular almond nail designs: swirls, marble, and neon colors.

Neon Flames

The pointed tip of almond-shaped nails accentuates this flame design and make it that much bolder — the fun, neon colors help with that, too.

Geometric French Manicure

There are endless ways to interpret a French manicure, which is exactly what makes them so fun. This geometric design is playful and unique while still being somewhat minimal, so it’s perfectly balanced.

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Color Block Nails

Want to play with color but still keep it minimal? This color block design is the way to go.

Nude With Crystals

For just a touch of sparkle, try a sheer nude almond-shaped nail with a smattering of multicolored crystal embellishments. You can even place the stones along the cuticle for a trendy take on the style.

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