Ariana Grande Is The Latest Celebrity To Get Curtain Bangs

There’s no better time than now to try bangs. Hate them? Hide out at home until they grow back. You’re spending most of your time there anyway. Seriously, though, it’s the year of bangs. Specifically speaking, curtain bangs. Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Hilary Duff, Bella Hadid, and Jennifer Lopez have made the cut, proving the once polarizing hairstyle is having a major moment. And, this just in, Ariana Grande is the latest celeb to get curtain bangs.

On Thursday, the singer showed off her new look on Instagram by posting a selfie. Her brown hair, which is usually pulled up into a high ponytail, is shorter than normal and styled half-up to highlight her new fringe. The ends of her hair are flipped out, adding a little retro flare to the overall look. It’s definitely a new vibe for the popstar, and we absolutely love it.

“☁️ 34+35 ,” she wrote in the caption, referencing a song from her new album.

A softer take on traditional bangs, curtain bangs have become so popular partly because they are universally-flattering. “Curtain bangs are the perfect bang for almost everyone,” celebrity hairstylist Nunzio Saviano previously told Glam. They also require less maintenance and offer more versatility than blunt bangs—think of them like the gateway bang.

Of course, we should state the obvious. Grande could be wearing clip-in bangs, as it turns out she was shooting the music video for the aforementioned song. Celebrity hairstylist Josh Liu posted some behind-the-scenes from the shoot, though he didn’t confirm a chop. Liu is also responsible for Grande’s recent beehive and her incredible ponytail looks in the “Positions” music video.

Who knows how long Grande will keep this look, but like us, fans are loving the new hairstyle. “Yes for the bayangs! ,” wrote one follower. “OMG this hair added another.” Whatever the case, we can count on Ariana Grande to continue serving the looks. 

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