Following the birth of her twin boys on Friday, January 7, Ashley Graham took a break from social media to spend time with her new family of five, including husband Justin Ervin and their oldest son, Isaac, who is almost two.

“Justin and I are so excited that our baby boys are here. They were born early this morning at home and are happy and healthy,” Graham shared in her Instagram Stories at the time. “I’m taking some time to heal up and connect with my husband and three boys, but I truly cannot wait to share more with you all. Much love, AG.”

But now, she’s back online, and the mom-of-three marked her return to Instagram by sharing the first photo of her newborns with fans. On Thursday, February 10, Graham shared an intimate image of herself sitting on a couch holding the twins, breastfeeding one while doing skin-to-skin contact with the other.

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Though neither of their faces are visible, Graham did reveal the boys’ names: Malachi and Roman. She also used the caption to share an update on how she is doing, admitting that her postpartum journey has not been easy.

“My boys have been the greatest teachers and biggest reminders that I can do hard things. this has not been easy, but it’s so worth it. still can’t believe I have 3 children,” she wrote, adding the mind-blown emoji.

“More proud of you than words can express,” her husband responded in the comments.

Graham and Ervin first announced her second pregnancy in July 2021. A few months later, in September, she shared that she was actually expecting twin boys. “Are you serious? We’re gonna have three boys?” she said in the video, to which her husband responded, “You are kidding me!”

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The model and activist documented both of her pregnancies, sharing intimate snapshots with fans in hopes of inspiring other women to feel confident in the changes that happen while growing a baby inside of you. During her first pregnancy, Graham shared a nude photo of herself that sparked a viral trend on social media with other women doing the same.

“The reason why I had posted that original photo, I had just announced that I was pregnant, and I thought then I was going to feel good and I didn’t. I just felt terrible. And that morning, actually … That morning, I was like, ‘Get it together, Ashley, there’s other women out there that are going through the same thing as you — why don’t you have a dialogue?’” Graham explained of the photo on her podcast.

And it seems like Graham is has more to share. “Can’t wait to share my birth and postpartum journey with you all soon,” she finished her post.

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