Whether you believe in astrology or not, there’s no denying that it’s fun to learn about the different zodiac signs, especially if you discover that you actually align with the common traits of your own. For those that are more passionate about their zodiac signs, astrology inspired tattoos are a great way to express yourself — while adding a beautiful piece of art to your body.

The various meanings behind the zodiac signs seem like obvious inspiration for a tattoo. For example, every zodiac sign has an official animal, symbol, and characteristics associated with it, all of which provide an excellent jumping-off point when it comes to tattoo ideas. Ahead, we’ve found 12 astrology inspired tattoos — one for each sign — to inspire your next tattoo. Even if astrology isn’t your thing, you just might find a design that you resonate with.

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Astrology Inspired Tattoos


As one of the fire signs, this design might seem a little on the nose, but Aries people are known for being bold, brave, and straightforward, so it’s actually quite fitting. This particular design is so detailed and realistic, so it’s sure to draw appreciation from the creative side of Aries as well.


Stubborn and “bull-headed” as they may be, Tauruses also have a softer side. This half-bull, half-floral tattoo design is a perfect representation of the sign.


Who says “two-faced” has to be a bad thing? This minimal tattoo exemplifies the beauty — and mystery — of having a multidimensional personality.


This tattoo design featuring Cancer’s animal representation, the crab, as well as a single rose captures the nurturing, sensitive spirit of the zodiac sign.

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Leos are known for being attention-seekers, and this striking design is sure to invite plenty of compliments — which Leos can’t get enough of.

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One of the more practical signs, it seems unlikely that a Virgo would go for over-the-top astrology inspired tattoos. This delicate design incorporating the Virgo symbol is sweet and subtle; perfect for the humble Virgo.


No one appreciates aesthetics quite like a Libra, so this intricate and artistic design is a perfect choice. Plus, it has a sense of balance that this harmony-driven sign will love.


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Bold and fearless, tattoos are right up a Scorpio’s alley. This design features a scorpion with a body of roses, which nicely encapsulates Scorpio’s mysterious yet passionate air.


Words from an assertive and intellectual Sagittarius can be piercing — but sometimes, you need to hear them. The intimidation of the snake combined with the softness of the flowers make this astrology inspired tattoo pretty spot on.


The practical Capricorn tends to favor a no-frills approach, so this simple constellation tattoo would definitely suit their personality.


It’s a common misconception that Aquarius is a water sign, but it’s actually an air sign. By inviting either interpretation, this minimal design doesn’t take itself too seriously; just like the fun-loving Aquarius.


This sweet, double fish design not only features the official animal of Pisces but captures the sensitive, sympathetic spirit of the zodiac sign.

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