11 Fall Candles You’ll Want To Burn All Season Long

We’re pretty sure that lighting a delightfully-scented candle is truly one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. A good candle looks pretty, smells amazing, and can truly transform the entire vibe of any living space. And while candle-burning is obviously an enjoyable activity year-round, there’s something about the fall that gets us particularly inspired to bust out the matches. The air is cooler, the sweaters are chunkier, and there’s nothing quite like cozying up on the couch while your fave candle flickers in the background.

Not to mention the fact that the warm, decadent aromas of autumn — think freshly baked pies, smokey campfires, crisp woods, and, of course, seasonal beverages like apple cider and PSLs — are incredibly comforting as the seasons change. Whether you’re all about the most basic pumpkin spice moment (hey, no judgement) or are in search of a scent that’s a little more unique, like maple bark and patchouli, these fall candles offer a little something for everyone.

Best Fall Candles 2021

anecdote fall candles

Anecdote Basic ($26; macys.com)

There should be no shame in your basic B game, especially come fall. We love this brand of candles not only for their yummy scents, but also their witty packaging. Case in point: The label on this newbie reads, “smells like pumpkin spiced lattes and cable knit sweaters.” And, indeed, that’s a pretty spot-on description. The combo of pumpkin, cardamom, with touches of clove, orange, and ginger will instantly make you feel like you’re snapping Instagram content in a pumpkin patch. (FYI, don’t miss the other three scents that are part of their new fall collection, too.)

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bath and body works fall candles

Bath & Body Works Fresh Fall Morning 3-Wick Candle ($26; bathandbodyworks.com)

We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love a good BBW three-wick—they burn and throw scent like none other. There’s also never any shortage of fun seasonal scents to choose from, but this pick is one of our favorites from their latest fall line-up. Ideal for anyone who isn’t crazy about ‘classic’ fall notes (think pumpkin and spice), this is fresh and clean, totally on the opposite end of the scent spectrum. It combines a nice blend of citrus and sage, with just a touch of red apple that makes it smell like fall, just in a non-traditional sense.

lafco fall candles

Lafco Amber Black Vanilla Signature Candle ($65; bloomingdales.com)

Unlike any vanilla fragrance we’ve ever smelled before, this one uses black vanilla and amber as background notes. Rather than being super sweet, it makes for a nice warmth and depth to the scent, perfectly balanced out by lighter orange and raspberry notes, plus a touch of spicy clove. It’s amazing for fall, but also a great transitional option that you can burn well into the holiday season, too. And while it is pricey, the gorgeous glass vessel can easily be repurposed as a décor piece once the candle burns out.

homesick fall candles

Homesick Autumn Hayride ($34; homesick.com)

This brand first became known for its unique destination-inspired scents; now, they’ve branched out to capture the smell of distinct experiences. So yes, sniffing this candle really is the next best thing to taking a legitimate hayride. Fresh hay is actually one of the top notes, as are warm amber and clove, combined with a touch of maple bark and patchouli. Plus, the candle is made from a natural soy wax blend and is non-toxic, too.

cool girl fall candles

Coolgirl Apple Pie ($29; etsy.com)

Not in the mood to make a homemade apple pie but want your house to smell you like you did? Light this candle for the ultimate fake out. The combo of apple butter, soft musk, and cream is sweet yet not cloying, a major win for gourmand fragrance fans.

nest fall candles

Nest Autumn Plum Classic Candle ($44; bloomingdales.com)

Sure, it may be the brand’s pumpkin chai candle that gets all the fall love, but this newbie is poised to give the cult-classic a run for its money. Wild plum is combined with cinnamon, patchouli leaf, and cashmere wood, creating an cozy, earthy, just slightly fruity scent. It burns up to 60 hours, and we also appreciate that the deep plum hue is different from all of the other earth tones seen everywhere during the fall.

grafco fall candles

Grove Co. Spiced Pumpkin Soy Candle ($17; grove.co)

Beautiful, clean, smells amazing, lasts forever, affordable—there’s really no candle criteria box this pick doesn’t check. It smells exactly as the name suggests, a totally classic pumpkin spice combo that can’t be beat. It bears mentioning that it’s scented naturally, and made with clean-burning, eco-friendly soy wax, and burns up to 55 hours. And we’d be remiss not to mention the stunning ombré packaging. Just get your hands on it ASAP, since it is limited edition.

byredo candle

Byredo Bibliothéque ($85; mordstrom.com)

Leathery and musky, one whiff of this splurge-worthy pick is all it takes to transport you back to the back stacks of your college library, a blend of peach and plum with leather, patchouli, and a bit of vanilla. It’s reminiscent of old library books in the best way possible, a comforting and familiar smell that, at least in our mind, goes hand-in-hand with the fall season.

Chesapeake bay fall candles

Chesapeake Bay Two-Wick Scented Candle Cashmere Plum ($11; amazon.com)

A little bit fruity, a little bit musky, this bestselling fall candle combines plum nectar, peony petals, cedarwood, pink peppercorn, and red wine accords for a uniquely sweet scent that’s not cloying or overwhelming. Plus, it’s made from a paraffin soy wax blend with two wicks that diffuse just the right amount of aroma into the air, and it burns for up to 25 hours.

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Hinoki fall candles

Boy Smells Hinoki Fantôme ($32; nordstrom.com)

The name doesn’t scream fall (nor does the signature black and pink packaging), which is part of the reason we like this more unexpected option. The surprising pairing of Japanese Cypress and jasmine somehow totally works, and is balanced out with a bit of amber. It’s a fan favorite year-round, but we find that the calming scent is really ideal for fall. We guarantee you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to splurge on the jumbo, 27 ounce size.

white barn fall candles

White Barn 3 Wick Candle Pumpkin Apple ($35; amazon.com)

If you like pumpkin-scented goodies, but sometimes find them to be a little one-note, this is a great option. You get the fall-forward pumpkin notes for sure, but because they’re combined with fresher, juicier apple scents, the end result is much more balanced. The candle also starts giving off tons of fragrance as soon as you light it, and burns for up to 45 hours.

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