It’s safe to say that astrology is at the forefront of pop culture right now. Whether you believe in it or not, there’s no denying that it’s an interesting concept and, in some cases, a conduit for self-reflection. Not to mention, learning about your zodiac sign can just be a fun and a welcome distraction from life’s stressors. The experts at utilized search analytics tool Ahrefs to discover that global searches for “best sex positions” have skyrocketed, garnering an average of 55,000 Google searches a month. Clearly, people are looking to spice things up in the bedroom — why not use astrology to do so?

So, took it upon themselves to speak with renowned psychic and healer, Inbaal,  who shared the two best sex positions for each star sign. Keep scrolling to find yours — plus, learn a bit more about your sign.

The best sex positions for each star sign

Aries: The Splitting Bamboo & The Joystick Joyride
(March 21 – April 19)

About your sign: Aries are known to be energetic and spontaneous, two things that are always helpful in the bedroom. Experimenting with adventurous positions is the best way to help you thrive.

Positions to try: A classic spin on missionary, the Splitting Bamboo involves placing one leg over your partner’s shoulder for a deeper connection. Combine this with Joystick Joyride, an exciting take on ‘girl on top.’

Taurus:  Nirvana & The Side Saddle
(April 20 – May 20)

About your sign: Because you are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, emotional connection is important to you — and adventure tends to fall by the wayside.

Positions to try: Nirvana is a face-to-face position that allows for a slow and sensual rhythm, as well as a long and intense climax. Another great option for the passionate Taurus is the Side Saddle, an intimate and visually stimulating position.

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Gemini: The Standing Ovation & The T-Bone
(May 21 – June 20)

About your sign: Arguably the most sexual sign of the Zodiac you love getting frisky, but you can also get bored easily. For you, continuously spicing things up and trying new things is vital.

Positions to try: You can’t go wrong with the Standing Ovation, a versatile position in which one partner stands in front of the other. The T-Bone is another great pick for the wild-hearted Gemini, renowned for hitting the G-spot.

best sex position for your sign

Cancer: The Rocking Horse & Doggy Style
(June 21 – July 22)

About your sign: Cancers may seem placidly romantic, but they can get pretty wild in the bedroom.

Positions to try: Warm up with the Rocking Horse to deepen your spiritual and sensual connection with your partner. Then, mix it up with Doggy Style — the ever-changing Cancer will enjoy that there are several variations to try out.

Leo: The Waterfall & The Heavyweight
(July 23 – August 22)

About your sign: Leos tend to be assertive and love building a little sexual tension to get riled up. Focusing on foreplay will help you have a more enjoyable experience.

Positions to try: The Waterfall is a wild variation of the popular ‘cowgirl’ position that allows you to take charge and show off — two things Leos can’t get enough of. Another great position for ultimate control is the Heavyweight, where you straddle your seated partner on a chair.

Virgo: Missionary & The Upstanding Citizen
(August 23 – September 22)

About your sign: Your astrological symbol may be the Virgin, but you definitely enjoy sex. Virgos prefer to keep things classic — but never boring — in the bedroom.

Positions to try: Good ol’ Missionary is always a reliable option for both partners, and easily spiced up with variations. For something a bit more adventurous, try the Upstanding Citizen, a standing position that’s both romantic and impressive.

Libra: Sixty-Nine & The Ballet Dancer
(September 23 – October 22)

About your sign: Libras prefer equality when it comes to sex — they’d rather not be controlled, nor do they want to be the one in control.

Positions to try: It doesn’t get more equal than Sixty-Nine, which serves as excellent foreplay. Another top pick is the Ballet Dancer, where you stand facing your partner and hook your leg around their waist. Aside from being super passionate, it’s also an elegant move — which is always appreciated by Libras.

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Scorpio: The Bandoleer & The Butter Churner
(October 23 – November 21)

About your sign: Arguably the sexiest sign of the Zodiac, you’ve done it all and crave variety.

Positions to try: The Bandoleer will be a favorite, creating space for your eyes and hands to do their thing. For serious adventure-seekers, try The Butter Churner. Deep and dynamic, it’s a perfect fit for the sensual Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Reverse Cowgirl & The Octopus
(November 22 – December 21)

About your sign: Full of character and charisma, you’re all about going all out in the bedroom.

Positions to try: Reverse Cowgirl will wow both you and your partner, with amazing views to boot. The Octopus might be daunting for some, but it’s ideal for the dramatic Sagittarius who thrives when stimulating all senses.

Capricorn: Cowgirl & The Spork
(December 22 – January 19)

About your sign: Like the other Earth signs, Capricorns aren’t looking for anything too complicated. The two major turn-ons are taking charge and experiencing carnal delights.

Positions to try: The classic Cowgirl is a perfect balance and allows you to take ultimate control over style, rhythm, and speed. The Spork offers the deepest penetration whilst also providing a better view than classic Missionary.

Aquarius: The Corkscrew & The Good Ex
(January 20 – February 18)

About your sign: Creative and innovative, you enjoy surprises — both giving and receiving.

Positions to try: The Corkscrew is great for bringing out your quirky personality, and the Good Ex is exciting and different — which perfectly encapsulates your persona.

Pisces: The Sandwich & The Chair and Prayer
(February 19 – March 20)

About your sign: For Pisces, sex is about emotional connection and understanding each other’s bodies — not to mention, you fall in love in two minutes flat.

Positions to try: The Sandwich offers the perfect mix of love and lust, as you can see your partner in all their glory whilst enjoying the closeness of missionary variations. The Chair and Prayer is a great option for those who like to assume both the dominant and submissive during sex — but be warned, it requires patience.

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