Estée Lauder’s Great Granddaughter Just Launched Makeup For The Modern Woman

If last night’s Golden Globe Awards left you jonesing for a dash of Hollywood glamour in your own life, then boy do we have some fun beauty news to share today. Danielle Lauder, actress and fourth-generation Lauder (you know, great-granddaughter of beauty legend, Estée Lauder) is putting her silver screen spin on a tightly curated capsule collection of audition-approved makeup must-haves. Called Act IV, the collection's cheeky name is a double reference to the world of acting, and Lauder's lineage.

Between her family background and her work as an actress, Lauder has a makeup education most of us could only dream of, but lucky for us, she’s used that knowledge to create this new collection. Lest you think this is just another collaboration (there are so many, nowadays), Lauder's collection is filled with thoughtful details that caught our attention. The chic, marble packaging is an objet d'art and looks elegant no matter where you pull it out. The products themselves were carefully curated, too. The Lip Duet, for example, is a dual-ended stick with a hydrating balm on one end and a tinted balm on the other. Want more color? Simply swap in one of the Luxe Lip Cremes — it pops right in.

In a statement given to WWD before the launch, Danielle described it: “Act IV is a perfect blend of my heritage in beauty and my passion for acting, taking inspiration from my life in Hollywood to provide multifaceted makeup products for every woman to add a touch of glamour to her day.” Intrigued, we sat down with the young Lauder to get the scoop on her inspiration for the collection and what it’s like to be the great-granddaughter of a beauty icon.

Danielle Lauder, Act IV
c/o Danielle Lauder

What did you learn about makeup growing up in the midst of a beauty empire?

My great-grandmother Estée and grandmother Evelyn are the two most inspiring people to me. Being exposed to beauty through my family, my entire life, of course, it’s always been incredible to see how products are thought through in so much detail – from packaging to ingredients. It’s been so exciting to learn more about the beauty industry and the business that my great grandmother started. Overall, I have learned to be mindful of skin care as a lifestyle choice, and it’s something that I constantly think about and take care of through prevention instead of reaction. 

What was it like creating your own products? Had you ever had a hand in that before?

I grew up with a deep appreciation for beautiful packaging and home decor items. While I didn’t dip my toes into product development until almost two years ago, I wanted to find a way to merge all aspects of beauty like my great-grandmother and grandparents have. When I went for one of my first inspiration meetings, I brought a giant bag of knick-knacks and trinkets, like marble trays and old candles. They all expected me to bring beauty products! I had created Pinterest boards with everything that caught my eye – from architecture and textures to art and home decor. 

The entire process was so exciting, and I learned so much! I worked really closely with product development to bring the initial concept to life and had several sessions with the teams in LA, New York, and Milan to get the perfect shades and textures. I also worked very closely with the packaging team to not only create a beautiful aesthetic but also ensure each product was easy-to-use and functional. Finally, I worked closely with the creative team on the entire campaign from content to copy to uniquely craft the story of this collection. 

I went through the process of presenting all of the products for approval at every level, which was a bit nerve-wracking to be honest! I think my father and grandfather were pleased, but during the first two rounds, they definitely had some opinions to share.

Why was this the right time to get involved in the family business?

This is such an exciting time to be part of the beauty industry. I love that the focus is becoming less on looking perfect and having to spend hours mastering different makeup techniques, and more on enhancing what you have and allowing that to shine through – that’s a lot of what this collection is about while bringing a little LA inspiration into the mix!

What's the best beauty tip you've learned?

It all starts with your skin. My entire family has always stressed the importance of skin care. My grandmother always told me to drink a ton of water when I woke up and would lather me up with sunscreen before I left the house. Also, several makeup artists on set, both for theater and film, have taught me about contouring. I've learned that the shadows on your face are so important, especially for film. Figuring out which facial areas catch light is key, and understanding how your own face casts shadows can help you find that perfect glow. 

What are your tricks for appearing camera-ready?

Lighting and angles are everything. I always use a ring light, flash or my three-point light setup at home to truly illuminate my skin. But with the Estée Lauder Act IV Spotlight Highlighter and Party Puff Starlucent Filtered Powder, you are instantly photo-ready. 

Danielle Lauder, act IV
Danielle Lauder, Act IV collection

Which product from Act IV are you most proud of?

I love all of the products so much, but one of my favorites right now is the Act IV Lip Duet Tint & Balm. The packaging is everything. I always want color and need moisture for my lips when I am on the go, so I love that the Lip Duet is portable and lets me mix and match what I take with me, thanks to its magnetic connector. I think the design is so unique, and I’m excited for people to try it. I also love to use the Party Puff Starluscent Filtered Powder with the powder brush from the Brushed by Fame Makeup Brush Kit at the end of my makeup routine or to touch up throughout the day.

To learn more about Danielle Lauder's Act IV collection, head over to the website.

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