Of all the out-of-the-box beauty trends, it seems like there really is no holding back when it comes to eyebrows. From eyebrow extensions and ponytail brows to bleached arches, you’d think we’d seen it all. But now, a sparkly new trend is taking over social media: disco brows. The playful look, which involves applying shimmer pigments or eye shadows onto brows, has over 500,000 tags on TikTok alone, with creators sharing their unique takes on the trend.

While we’re mostly seeing disco brows paired with equally glamorous eye makeup, Megs Cahill, a pro makeup artist and the TikToker credited with sparking the recent trend, says in a video that disco brows are a fun way to glam up a natural makeup look — or even a bare face. That’s because from subtle flecks of silver to full-on rainbow gradients, there are endless ways to interpret the disco brow trend. Learn more about the sparkly look and how to pull it off below.

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What are disco brows? 

Though anything but subtle, disco brows are a fairly simple look. All you have to do is comb through your brows with a clear gel, add some shimmer, and boom — you’re shining bright like a disco ball. And while the look is exploding on social media, brow expert Joey Healy explains that blinged-out eyebrows have previously been reserved for pop icons and the world of high fashion.

“We’ve seen this trend for decades, but in the past, we have seen it really full force with artists like Lady Gaga, or certainly for fashion week where there have been appliques put on the brows, jewels put in the brows, and brows have been dyed different colors,” he tells GLAM. “Disco brows are a little bit different because we are seeing it with a shimmery, colorful powder applied to the brow instead.”


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Unlike a lot of other wild brow trends that have emerged lately, disco brows are unique (and much less risky) because they don’t pose any real threat to your skin or natural brows. “It’s not about a shape where you might be removing hair that you might regret,” Healy says. “It’s not about applying chemicals to the brow like brow lamination or tattoo ink like microblading. I feel like if you can wash it off and your brows are healthy and in their proper shape, go for it and have fun!”

Tips for trying disco brows

Disco brows are probably not the kind of look you’ll want to incorporate into your daily beauty routine, but it’s a great way to have fun with makeup. Plus, as Healy points out, a lot of us are much more willing to take risks with our looks after a year of quarantining. However, if you’re not ready to fully take the plunge, there are plenty of ways to tone down disco brows for a more wearable style.

One trick, he says, is to re-apply the clear brow gel after adding the glitter shadow, which will diffuse and soften the look. You can also ditch the eye shadow all together, and instead opt for a glitter gel like this one from Wet ‘n Wild. “If you put on straight pigment it’s going to be very, very pronounced,” Healy says. “If you use a little bit of a glitter suspended in a gel, that would more likely disperse the color.”

Healy also notes that the color you choose will impact the boldness of your disco brows. For a softer look, he says, go for a copper or metallic brown — something that’s not too distant from your natural brow color. To make more of statement, opt for a highly-pigmented product in shades like purple, blue or emerald green.

Disco brows inspiration

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