This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.
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What is WellSquad?

The mission of WellSquad is to break down the access barriers to health and wellness services. WellSquad is a fitness marketplace that gives the user control of the services they receive for their money. Do you need to run an 8-minute mile to qualify for an upcoming race and only have $50 dollars to spend? Match with a trainer or dietitian within your price range to receive tailored virtual training and nutrition programs. Additionally and totally unique from our competitors, like a Match.com or Tinder fitness, WellSquad will match you to the ideal fitness partner in your area for FREE so you can motivate each other and track common goals.

We have some of the industries best certified personal trainers and dietitians on board to offer monthly workout and nutrition programs to these users. Our hopes are to create a supportive social community in which true change can manifest. This is also a great opportunity for personal trainers and dietitians to become entrepreneurs through our platform by building their own brand, marketing themselves and increasing their clientele. Our group format is unique and will allow for exceptional user engagement and accountability in sticking with their program and toward achieving their goals.

Where does the name come from?

The name WellSquad comes from the idea that wellness services should be provided everyone! A social community of inividuals who progress towards their goals with the motivation and accountability of others is way more powerful than a single individual trying to do it on their own.  We are providing quality wellness services to the public at an affordable price so everyone can have access to resources that will help them reach their goals. 

How do I find a Squad Leader?

Squad Leaders will be featured on the connections page as "Suggested Squad Leaders"  and will be matched with you based on your goals.  If you are looking to lose weight and a Squad Leader is offering a weight loss program, they will be suggested for you. If you select nutrional serivices when creating your profile then dietitians will be matched to you as well.

What is a Squad Leader

A Squad Leader is a highly qualified professional that will create monthly workout and nutrition programs. Our Squad Leaders consist of certified personal trainers, registered dietitians, yoga instructors, performance enhancement specialists and a wide array of additional professionals.

What is a Squad?

A Squad is a group of people all working towards a common goal. The Squad page will consist of classes created by Squad Leaders that will provide programs catered to specific goals. Squad users will be able to motivate, support and hold each other accountable with the guidance of a Squad Leader.

How do I match with a fitness buddy?

Sign up, create a profile, edit your preferences and be automatically matched with fitness partners for free. Then message and connect with the partner of your choosing.

How do I set a goal?

On the profile page users will be able to set their goals for the activity they choose to engage in. Goals can then be edited for the current or future months on the Goals page.

How do I input my workouts?

Input workouts on the calendar for the corresponding day from the Goals page. Simply click on the specific day you would like to record your activity and enter in the information.

How do I track a goal?

Goals can be tracked by integrating fitness devices. You can select the fitness device you will use when you create your profile. API information can then be entered for each device from the Goals page. If you are not using a device, this same process can be completed using our Foursquare integration. Also, manually entering activity to track goals can be done through the calendar on the Goals page.

How do I purchase a Squad?

Squads are purchased through the Squads page by clicking Buy Now under the Suggested Squad of your choosing. You will also find Suggested Squads to purchase on the Connections page where you can click on a Squad Leader's profile and buy from there. Payment can be with credit card or Paypal.

How are Suggested Squad Leaders and Suggested Matches chosen?

Suggested matches are made using our exclusive algorithm. Fitness partner matches are made based on preferences selected, favorite activity and goals. Suggested Squad Leaders are matched based on favorite activity and goals that are desired by the user.

Price and Shipping

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Max price of $100 per monthly program.
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