If you’re getting tired of the same old manicure trends, you’re in luck — galaxy nail art is here to shake things up. You might remember galaxy patterns from their heyday in the early 2010s when they could be found on everything from leggings to shoes to bedding. Now, like all things Y2K beauty, it’s taken on a new form as nail art and is becoming a rising trend on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. In fact, searches for “galaxy nail art” on Pinterest are up 115%.

The look is pretty self-explanatory and essentially seeks to recreate scenes from the cosmos, whether it be shooting stars, constellations, or just a serene night sky. Lots of galaxy manicures are also incorporating other recent nail art trends, like French manicures, jewel embellishments, and marbled swirls. Ahead, discover some of the best galaxy nail art ideas to inspire a truly out-of-this-world manicure.

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Galaxy Nail Art Ideas

Marble Galaxy Nails

There’s something so dreamy about these shades of blue and purple swirling together. Top it off with a little bit of glitter and it makes for some seriously beautiful galaxy nail art.

Magnetic Polish

If you thought regular galaxy nails were trippy, you’ll be mesmerized by this magnetic nail polish. As the name suggests, this type of lacquer comes with a magnet that when held over the nails, gives a glittery, textured effect that’s straight out of the cosmos.

Jelly Galaxy Nails

Jelly nails have been trending for a while now, due in part to the recent wave of 90s nostalgia. This galaxy manicure uses a nude jelly base as the backdrop for the space-inspired design.

Super Long Galaxy Nails

If long nails are your thing, why not go all out with this bold galaxy design? The mix of metallic purple, jewel embellishments, and constellation designs is so fun and unexpected.

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Black Galaxy Nails

Who needs star-gazing when you have a manicure that looks just like the night sky? These black galaxy nails with white stars will take you to another world.

Realistic Galaxy Nails

Not only does this manicure nail the galaxy trend, but it also requires some serious artistic skill. The stars and planets are so realistic you might just think you’re looking through a telescope.

Accent Nail

Like with any nail art trend, an accent nail is a great way to try it out before committing to an entire manicure. Plus, this pretty shade of navy blue is universally flattering.

Pink Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nail art doesn’t have to stick to blues and purples; a pretty pink shade with silver embellishments has the same out-of-this-world effect.

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Galaxy-Inspired French Manicure

Looking to put a chic twist on the galaxy nail trend? This partial French manicure will do the trick.

Shooting Stars

This diagonal glitter design dainty and star decals mimic the look of shooting stars across the night sky for a seriously stunning galaxy manicure.

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