It’s not exactly surprising that some of the most popular nail art trends center around nature themes. Between the butterflies and florals in spring manicures or out-of-this-world galaxy nail art that’s been trending this year, it seems like nail lovers are pretty inspired by earth and its many wonders. Next up on the nail trend docket? Geode nail art — which is shaping up to be the next big manicure movement in 2022.

An even more intricate take on the recent marble nail art trend, geode nail art mimics earth’s natural rock formations that contain hallow cavities lined with crystals. These layers of rock and crystal, aka geodes, create gorgeous patterns that have inspired the most recent nail art craze taking over Instagram.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best geode nail art designs to help inspire your next manicure. Whether you love a simple manicure or love to go all out, there’s a geode manicure for everyone.

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Geode Nail Art Ideas

Tortoiseshell Geode Nails

This combination of designs is somewhat unexpected, but that’s what makes it so cool. The brown and black tortoiseshell offers a drastic contrast to the light blue and gold geode design, resulting in a truly captivating manicure.

Blue & Gold

This simple geode manicure is a great way to try out the trend without going all out, especially if you’re a fan of nude nails with a subtle pop of color.

Pink Marble

Why try just one nail art craze when you can try two? This pretty pink manicure combines marble nails and geode nail art for an ultra-trendy look.

Nude Droplets

These nude droplets add a stunning 3D element to any manicure, but they’re particularly captivating on this white and gold geode look.

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Green & Blue Geode Nails

The earth tones in this look couldn’t be more appropriate for a geode manicure, and the intricate gold details are just the cherry on top.

Short Geode Nails

Yes, short nails can enjoy geode nail art, too. This teal chrome look puts a futurustic spin on the manicure trend and doesn’t require extra-long claws.

Black & White Geode Nails

If you love neutrals, you’ll love this black and white geode nail art with a touch of rose gold glitter. This is also a great option if you’re after a more subtle look; rather than an entire manicure of geode designs, add the nail art to just one or two nails.

Blue Crystals

Not only is this blue crystal manicure gorgeous, but it incorporates the official 2022 Pantone color of the year, periwinkle. The marbled finish and subtle ombre effect gives this nail look a delicate, feminine feel.


Create a color palette all your own with this multicolor geode manicure idea. Don’t be afraid to play around with an array of color combinations; the gold foil on each nail will help to keep things cohesive.

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