The mission of WellSquad is to break down access barriers to wellness services and give everyone the opportunity to live a healthier and happier life.

Squad Leaders How To Guide.pdf

WellSquad User How To Guide.pdf

  • Upon signing up for WellSquad, our users will fill out their profiles and start matching with workout partners and Squad Leader's through the Connection's page.
  • From $1-3 a day users can get accountability and motivation from a qualified WellSquad professional to help them reach their goals. Our Squad Leader's consist of certified fitness professionals and registered dietitians who provide customized online monthly workout and nutrition classes at an extremely affordable price. 
  • Each Squad Leader offers their own set of unique classes that users can select from.
  • By clicking the "Invite Friends to WellSquad" button through Facebook and email, users can choose to take a Squad Leader class together or invite others once connected. Classes can be taken individually as well.
  • Any further questions should be sent to