Katy Perry On The ‘Emotional Roller Coaster’ Of Being Pregnant During Pandemic

Katy Perry is preparing for the birth of her first child, and like many moms-to-be, she says these past few months have been full of mixed emotions. Gracing the cover of People, the popstar opened up about the struggles of being pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic and how she has been able to stay grounded throughout her pregnancy.

“Every day your options change, and you don't know what's what. Especially being pregnant in a pandemic, it's an emotional roller coaster,” Perry said in the interview ahead of her upcoming album, Smile.

She went on to explain how she’s been able to handle the curveballs. “Having a great partner, having a sound mind, continuing to do the work, I'm not as flinchable,” she said, adding, “I'm not untouchable or invincible, but it's a little bit more like water off a duck's back.”

Perry is expecting her first child with her fiancé, Orlando Bloom. She announced her pregnancy in March, then later confirmed the sex of the child, a girl. The popstar is expected to give birth sometime soon, as she previously revealed that her baby is coming this summer.

Perry credits her resilience during these unprecedented times to the challenges she faced in past years. “After being on a rocket ship and just going straight up, it was just a small change in the trajectory, but it felt seismic,” she said of disappointment she felt after her last album, Witness, failed to have the impact she hoped it would. This led her into depression that ultimately forced her to seek help (and break up with Bloom).

“It's been two-and-a-half years of trying to find my footing. It's so easy for me to work, work, work and avoid, but I had to go on a mental and spiritual journey,” Perry explained. “It got me out of this desperate loop of being the best pop star ever. I just really want to be a human being and have the dimension of life.”

Perry also reflected on her pregnancy journey in an interview with The Sunday Times. “I've had extremely high highs and extremely low lows and I've heard that having children is like the best gift of all, so I'm ready to step into that role and receive the unconditional love that I had a hard time receiving years ago,” she told the publication.

It's certainly been a time of ups and downs, but Perry sounds more than ready for motherhood. “I've been through an emotional journey and I feel very grounded,” she said. 

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