matching face masks and sunglasses

Masks are a must, so why not have a little fun with them? Face coverings have evolved from simple safety staples to full-on fashion statements, with fun prints, luxe fabrics, and designer labels. Women are treating them as the finishing touch to their look, coordinating their face masks to their clothes and makeup. And since many brands are using leftover fabric to make masks, you can even find matching sets with headbands, scarves, scrunchies, and swimwear. Face masks are officially the accessory du jour — and safety is a trend I always support.

So, as a collector of sunglasses, all of this got me thinking: I should start pairing my printed face masks with complementing shade styles. Because according to the CDC, eyewear is another important piece of protection against the coronavirus. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (though he needs no introduction), recently told ABC News that if you really want to be complete, you should protect your eyes, too. “Theoretically, you should protect all the mucosal surfaces,” he said. And why argue with that? You now have a legitimate excuse to wear your sunnies inside.

A couple things to note if you’re into the idea of looking cute while following CDC guidelines. Pass on trends like tiny frames, which won’t provide adequate protection, and opt for oversized shapes instead. Also, be sure to pull your mask up over your nose and rest your sunglasses on top of it; this will help prevent the lenses from fogging and the need for constant adjustments. Okay, now that you are ready to put together your next virus-safe look, scroll on for some ways to style fashion face mask and sunglasses trends this season. 

matching face mask and sunglasses

Cat-Eye Frames + Animal Print Masks 

Leopard print and cat-eye frames. Name a better duo. A classic black pair of upswept shades will also pair perfectly with other trendy animal prints like snakeskin, tiger, and cow. 

Shop this look: Valentino Oversized Cat-Eye ($334; and ASTR the Label 3-Pack Adult Face Masks ($38;

matching face mask and sunglasses

Round Sunglasses + Scarf-Print Masks

Silky scarf prints have been having a moment while round frames are as relevant as ever, and together this chic combo screams resort season. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here, but Amalfi Coast anyone? 

Shop this look: Dolce & Gabbana Round Halo Engraved Metal Sunglasses ($295; and Tularosa Protective Face Mask ($14;

matching face mask and sunglasses

Retro Square Shapes + Floral Masks 

It comes as no surprise that floral is one of the most popular prints for face masks. Even the Duchess of Cambridge is down with this style. Pair your floral face mask with funky square frames for a modern take on '70s vibes. 

Shop the look: Gucci Angular Sunglasses ($264; and Nordstrom 4-Pack Contoured Face Masks ($20;

matching face mask and sunglasses

Colorful Lenses + Tie-Dye Masks

Looking to keep the carefree vibes of summer going and going? Enter this playful combo, which is all about pops of color. Consider it the perfect finish to a t-shirt and jeans kind of day. 

Shop this look: Micheal Kors Polarized Sunglasses ($179; and Pink Water Resort Tie Dye Face Mask ($10; 

matching face masks and sunglasses

Shield Shades + Statement Masks 

The pair every fashion is after right now, and believe it or not, shields are a universally flattering style. (Also, they offer the most protection.) Pair them with a graphic or pop art printed mask to make the ultimate statement. 

Shop this look: Saint LaurentWomen's Betty Small Shield Sunglasses ($505; and Catherine Gee Silk Face Mask ($20;

matching face mask and sunglasses

Embellished Shades + Metallic Masks

Metallic masks offer a new way to illuminate your look. Pair a shimmering face covering with embellished shades (think pearls and rhinestones) for a fun, socially-distanced night out. 

Shop this look: Rad + Refined Glow Up Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses ($68; and Luli Fama Cosita Buena Face Mask ($20;

matching face masks and sunglasses

Tortoise Shell Glasses + Plaid Masks 

A fit for fall, tortoise shell frames provide a feminine contrast to the punky plaids that are trending this season. Look for cool details, such as studs, to really pull this pair together.  

Shop this look: Quay Women's Icy Square Sunglasses ($65; and Perfect Goods Royal Stewart Tartan Face Mask ($12;

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