Body-ody-ody-ody-ody. Megan Thee Stallion is just three weeks into her Hottie Bootcamp, and her results are impressive. On Thursday, the “Body” rapper shared a progress photo on Instagram, revealing her toned stomach and thighs.

“Week 1 to Week 3 Hotties,” she captioned the side-by-side mirror selfies of her body at the beginning of her fitness journey and her body now. And while she looks incredible before, you can see that her abs and thighs are more defined after a few weeks of hard work.

The 25-year-old rapper first announced that she was starting her Hottie Bootcamp on January 16, telling her fans that she felt her food choices were “slowing her down.” She has since been sharing her diet changes and workouts on social media, and her dedication is clearly paying off. In a recent video, she revealed that she has already lot 10 lbs.

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“This is a crazy time in the world right now, and we all have to stay in the house. And for some reason, the refrigerator is just calling my name more than usual. And I like to snack, and I like to eat whatever I want to eat,” Meghan explained on her Instagram when starting her health journey.

She continued: “I just feel that maybe the things I’ve been eating are not so good for my body and have been slowing me down. I’ll be performing and I’ll be like, ‘Damn is this the last breath I’m going to take?'”

Megan made it clear, though, that this was not about weight loss but rather her overall health. “This journey is not necessarily about losing weight but about me getting healthier in general and seeing how I can transform my body in the healthiest way possible,” she went on to explain.

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Some of the changes she has made include cutting out junk food and switching up her diet to include healthier snacks, like smoothies, almonds, and avocado. In her progress post, Megan said that she has started drinking a gallon of water a day, telling her followers that this has helped her a lot.

In addition to eating healthier, Megan has also stepped up her fitness game. Hottie Bootcamp workouts, which are led by her personal trainer Tim, include a mix cardio, intervals, boxing, pole dancing, and strength training. Some of her go-to moves Bosu ball squats, deadlifts, band work, and weighted sit-ups.

“I know I want to have a nice ass. But do it have to hurt to receive this ass?” she joked following one of the intense circuits.

You can follow Megan’s health journey on Instagram and Youtube. “So I wanted to take y’all on a little health journey with me just because y’all will hold me accountable and I feel like if I’m going on it with y’all then I will be motivated to do the right thing,” she told fans.

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