If you are one of those people who likes to leave their Christmas tree up through February — hey, no shame! — then you’re going to love the latest holiday trend that’s circulating on social media. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, people are decorating trees to celebrate the special occasion. And while the idea may sound tacky, Valentine’s Day trees are actually pretty aesthetically pleasing.

The most common take on the Valentine’s Day tree uses a vintage-inspired fake Christmas tree in shades of blush pink or white. Bauble ornaments are replaced with hearts, tinsel is traded in for flowers, and touches of green swapped with every shade of pink imaginable. The end result is equal parts playful and pretty.

While it’s unclear who’s officially responsible for the trend, which started a few years back, everyone is on the same page about why Valentine’s Day trees became a thing — and it’s because of the daunting task of taking down a Christmas tree after the holidays. Of course, from there, Valentine’s Day trees grew into their own right. In fact, some people go all out with trees built entirely out of roses (scroll on to see for yourself).

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“I started doing Valentine Trees because I was so tired after one Christmas, years ago, and as I sat on my sofa looking up at the tree I thought needed to come down, and feeling overwhelmed by the task, an idea was born!” Dallas-based blogger and designer Jennifer Houghton explained in a post. “What if I just took out all of the “Christmas-y” looking ornaments and replaced them with hearts and roses?”

The trend seems especially fitting right now as we’re spending more time at home than ever before. “People are hungry for anything that will bring joy into their home,” Houghton told The New York Times. “We’re spending a lot more time in our homes, so there’s this need, this want, to make our homes as joyful as possible.”

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And while it’s probably too late to take part in the trend this year, you can certainly pin the idea for it next. Unless, of course, your Christmas tree is still standing, in which case you can simply swap out the ornaments with heart-themed, homemade decorations, as demonstrated below.

It turns out that the trend doesn’t stop at Valentine’s Day trees, etiher. There are festive people out there who enjoy decorating their tree year-round for various holidays, including St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the 4th of July, and Halloween.

And while we didn’t see the perennial Christmas trend coming, we have to admit that we kind of love it. Anything to bring people joy after all we’ve been through these past few years.

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