These 80s Hairstyles Are Making A Comeback — And They’re Surprisingly Wearable

The 80s were a wild time, and that very much includes the beauty trends. Most 1980s hairstyles can be characterized by big volume, crazy texture, and an overall larger-than-life attitude. While there’s no question that some of these looks are better left behind, many of them are becoming popular again — with modern updates, of course. Styles like super high ponytails, massive curls, and even mullets are making a comeback, with celebrities like Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and Billie Eilish getting in on the trend.

Given that the 90s and early 2000s are so trendy right now, it’s not totally surprising that the 80s are joining the ranks. Plus, 1980s hairstyles are undeniably fun and it’s shockingly easy to bring them into the 21st century. Here, we spoke to celebrity extensionist Priscilla Valles, celebrity extensionist, and Weezy, celebrity hairstylist with Upgrade to hear their thoughts on the 1980s hairstyles that are cropping back up, plus their top tips on adapting these looks for 2022 and beyond.

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1980s Hairstyles That Are Making A Comeback

Crimped Hair

A full head of this zig-zagged style was super trendy among 1980s hairstyles but nowadays might seem a little much. “I think doing little accents of the crimping iron instead of a full head of crimped hair makes for a cool ponytail,” Valles tells GLAM. “Leaving accents where pieces of the ponytail have it or creating a slick ponytail with a full ponytail crimped is also cute!”

The Mullet

Pretty much no one expected the mullet to make a resurgence, but here we are. “I’m seeing more mullets make a return in a lot of editorial shoots, runways, and print, so it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the new norm,” says Weezy.

To tone the look down for today, Valles suggests keeping the back of the mullet on the shorter side. “A subtle mullet with shorter hair in the back making it less of a dramatic hairstyle is definitely a more modern take on the hairstyle,” she says.

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Side Ponytails

 “I honestly don’t think it ever goes away for me personally,” says Valles. “It is always fun, trendy, and girly.” The stylist loves the idea of keeping a side ponytail with an 80s feel by adding a scrunchie, but Weezy offers a modern take. “In this new day in age, I’m seeing the side ponies be done lower on the head and a lot longer in length,” he says. “Some stylists are even adding fun pops of color, braids, and faux locks to the ponytail for more character.”

Big Curls

Everyone wants voluminous hair, and as Valles points out, the beachy wave era has begun to get a little boring. Because curls are so timeless, she suggests staying true to the 1980s hairstyles and using jumbo hot rollers to create them. “For added volume, you can add in clip-in hair extensions too,” she says. “I would recommend my line with Glam Seamless; the quality of hair is the best and most of the colors come rooted for a perfect match and the clips are nice and flat for a natural look. They also have the most hair per set.”

For a softer look, Weezy recommends brushing the curls out. “Nowadays adding the big curls is only the first step to creating the look,” he says. “The curls are now brushed out to create a nice soft wave. I have created a wig that is similar to this style with Upgrade.”

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The experts agree that pigtails will always be a fun, flirty style, but you can certainly amp it up for a more modern look. “I would add in some of my clip-in extensions from Glam Seamless to give it extra length and make them thicker,” says Valles. “[You can style] the hair with a heavy side part with a bang or a center part with the pigtails worn them high up top.”

Feathered Hair

An effortless-cool style, feathered hair is becoming more and more popular these days. Plus, Weezy adds, “it helps the hair appear healthier and adds tons of volume.” One way to revamp the look, Valles says, is to not go so heavy with the layers and instead go for a softer, more gradual look.

Shag Haircuts

There’s no denying that the shag is one of the most low-maintenance 1980s hairstyles. “It’s the perfect way to have your hair dry and is the true test to having a great haircut,” Valles says. She suggests keeping the layers softer and longer for a more modern twist. “They may not be for everyone, but shags are definitely coming back for the more carefree, trendsetters of our time,” Weezy adds. In fact, shag haircuts were one of the most popular hairstyles of 2021.

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