These Are The Most Popular Hairstyles Across The Country

From the big hair of the South to the beachy blonde strands of the West Coast, beauty stereotypes are a real thing. The question is: Just how accurate are they? That’s why we decided to ask hairstylists throughout the U.S. to share their most requested styles. Below, check out the trendy haircuts from six major cities. Who knows where you’ll find inspiration for your next cut… 

trendy haircuts 2020

Los Angeles: Long Layers 

It’s less about length and more about texture in LA, and layers are being added to haircuts from short to long. “I’m seeing a lot of clients shift from blunt, defined lengths and wanting to experiment with fringe.” says Nicole Leal, master stylist at Nine Zero One salon. “This allows for more volume and shape.”

Why it’s popular:“It’s hot right now because we’re seeing huge influence from the ’90s in everything we do,” continues Leal. The style is easy to maintain and effortlessly sexy — think Cindy Crawford hair, she says. 

How to style it:For lots of body, Leal recommends using a dry texturizing or volumizing spray, like her favorite R+Co’s Balloon Dry Volume Spray

trendy haircuts 2020

Denver, CO: A Bob With Bangs

According to Beth Weber, hairstylist and founder of Refuge Hair, the current chop taking over the Denver scene is a mix between a blunt lob and a shag hairstyle. “You will see women all over the city with hair that is chin- to collarbone-length and finished off with wispy, face-framing curtain bangs,” she says.“The top layers are invisible and add movement to the crown.”

Why it’s popular:“Colorado is a unique region in that we love the trends coming from both coasts. However, we are also understated, and I think all the outdoor activities make us want to keep low-maintenance hair,” Weber explains. “This cut both celebrates an individual’s features and works well on all textures.”

How to style it: A surprising tip for pulling off this style? Skip conditioner when you wash your hair during the week. “When you use shampoo without conditioner, your hair keeps tons of body and movement,” says Weber. “Then, over the weekend, use a weekly masque or treatment to ensure overall health, moisture, and shine.”

trendy haircuts 2020

Charleston, SC: Soft Waves

The trendy southern hairstyle involves blended layering and soft bends, says Brooke Hanna, hairstylist at TabulaRasa Salon. Classic layers are cut throughout so that they seamlessly fall together to give the hair a subtle, tousled texture. 

Why it’s popular:Clients love this cut because of its versatility. It leaves hair with body and wave, whether you style it or roll out of bed and go, since the layers do most of the work for you. “We always recommend this look to all our beach girls,” says Hanna. Also key: A little humidity won’t ruin this style. 

How to style it: Define a few sections throughout with a curling wand, or just let it air-dry with R+Co’s Sail Soft Wave Spray.

trendy haircuts 2020

Chicago, IL: The Modern Shag

The ’70s-inspired cut was one of the biggest hair trends in 2019, and it really caught on with the Chicago crowd. Edgy and chic, it’s all about creating texture. Think choppy ends and lots of layering, especially around the crown of the head.

Why it’s popular:“I think people are liking the movement and playfulness, along with the versatility that comes with customizing it based on each individual client,” explains Chicago hairstylist, Michelle Pasterski.“It gives volume and movement to straight, fine hair; it releases weight and texture in medium, wavy hair; and it updates the shape of curly hair.” The shag also transcends all hair length categories, from short to super long.

How to style it: “The great thing about a shag is that you shouldn’t have to work too hard to style it,” says Pasterski.You really only need a leave-in conditioner for moisture and a smoothing product for polish. “This could be a hair oil used wet or dry, like Unite’s U Oil, or a waxy pomade to finish with like Oribe’s AirStyle Flexible Finish Cream,” she explains. Air-dry your shag or create more movement with a wand —just leave the ends a bit straighter for a more relaxed vibe.

trendy haircuts 2020

New York City: A Blunt Cut

It’s fitting for New Yorkers to be blunt. Simply put, hair is cut straight across, or at a very slight angle, and without layers. While it’s usually done on shorter styles, mid-length haircuts with blunt ends are also trendy in NYC. 

Why it’s popular:“It’s a low maintenance style that creates an effortlessly-sophisticated look, which is super popular right now, especially for thewinter months,” says Jennifer Albert, stylist and founder of JA Studios NYC.

How to style it: It’s all about keeping strands looking healthy, shiny, and frizz-free, which is why Albert recommends a hair serum and leave-in conditioner like the ones from Shem Naturals.

popular haircuts

Miami, FL: The Lob

When it comes to trendy haircuts, you can’t go wrong with a lob. “It’s almost one length, but it has soft layers,” says Sean Donaldson, stylist and owner of Sean Donaldson Hair Salon. Styled with soft waves, it has a beachy, “left to dry natural” look to it, he adds. 

Why it’s popular:It’s equal parts feminine and flattering: “It has an effortless effect, because of its straight-cut outline and perfectly placed layers,” explains Donaldson. “The cut keeps its edge while still looking super chic.” 

How to style it:If you have naturally straight hair, blast hair with a blow-dryer to create lift at the root, then finish with a wand. “Take large sections, wrapping the hair halfway up the length. After, run your fingers through, and finish by applying a light oil to create that naturally dried, almost damp look,” Donaldson says. For textured or curly hair types, he suggests using an oil and a smoothing styling cream before air-drying or diffusing.

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