5 Best Healing Crystals for Depression

We all have times in our life where we get down, but it becomes a problem when those feelings linger for long periods of time. Depression itself can appear in many different ways, such as physical pains, problems sleeping, loss of appetite, eating too much, and feeling exhausted even after you had a good night’s rest. Luckily there are some powerful crystals for depression that can help you clear your head and feel at peace.

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Here are 5 crystals for depression.


This amazing crystal is known to be the happiest crystal the world over. The golden colored crystal reminds you of a ray of sunshine and you will feel like it yourself with it on or near you. It is a highly energetic crystal, so it is excellent for times you are feeling down and lethargic. Its positive energy bursts forth into your mind and body, offering you a feeling of hope, love, and compassion. It opens you up to your highest potential, which you deserve!


This fiery stone is a beautiful shade of red and orange., and is one of the best crystals for depression. Known as the crystal of endurance, when times are tough this is the stone for you! It helps you to quiet any anxious thoughts that you might be having so that you can see and deal with any situation with clarity. It strengthens you and lifts you up so that you can focus on being the amazing person you were always meant to be.

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This amazing self-care crystal has a low healing vibration. It is also a beautiful and calming lilac color. Many tout that its ability to calm the nervous system is extraordinary. If you are feeling overworked or burned out, this is an excellent crystal to add to your self-healing routine. The tranquility you experience with this crystal is one that will allow you to assess all situations calmly and rationally. It allows you to open yourself up without fear and accept what the universe has to offer you with love.

Clear Quartz

The second you see this crystal, you immediately know what it is for. We often get dark and depressive thoughts that can be hard to get rid of. This crystal clears out all of the chaos that is present in the mind, so that it can focus on the things that are truly important. It is also known to help heal the nervous system, which allows your body to work to its fullest potential. It holds all that is negative and only allows for what is positive making it one of the best healing crystals for depression.


The Amethyst is known to be a highly energetic crystal filled with positivity. It is said that it clears your third eye so that you can better trust your intuition and will dispel of any negative thoughts. It also connects with the crown chakra opening your mind up to all of the wonderful possibilities out there that await you. Its beautiful purple color is calming and radiates at a high vibration so that it dispels negativity and draws in positive energy.

Depression can be debilitating, and some of us need more professional help in dealing with it on a daily basis. There is no shame in that! Adding self-care tools to your arsenal is a wonderful way to keep those positive vibes flowing throughout your life. Who doesn’t want to function in life as their absolute best self? Not only that, but in healing yourself you are opening yourself up to all the people and things out in the world that are just waiting to enter your life and make a difference.

These healing crystals for depression can have some amazing effects, but it’s important you consult with a medical professional if you’re feeling blues you just can’t shake.

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