5 Types of Dresses Every Woman Should Own

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Dresses are often considered the staple of every woman’s wardrobe since they’re versatile and easy to accessorize. There are a few dresses every woman should own. These include frocks that are appropriate as part of chic and professional office outfits, they’re easy to slip into for a day out in the sun, and they’re perfect for a fancy evening event, too.

Although you might have to adjust what bag to carry, your lipstick shade or your necklace lengths and styles based on the dress of the day, you could probably wear a dress to every kind of event or outing.

With all that said, there are different types of dresses with varying levels of formality, and picking the right dress for the right event is the key to always being dressed for the occasion.

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Let’s look at five of the most popular styles of dresses every woman should own. With these five dresses in your closet, you’ll be ready to dress your best for whatever’s on your schedule.

dresses every woman should own


  1. The Professional Office Dress

Having a go-to dress for the office is great for those hurried mornings when you’re rushing out the door. Professional dresses come in many different lengths and cuts, although they’re generally around knee-length and can be paired with some sensible pumps, a functional bag, and classic jewelry like pearls or simple stud earrings. 

One of the most popular office options is the blazer dress, which was originally designed as a cross between the classic professional jacket and the long-form garment. It often has buttons from the top to the bottom of the dress, as well as a collar. There are blazer dresses for every season, though they’re most popular in neutral colors during the fall and winter seasons. 

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  1. The Breezy Sundress

The sundress screams spring and summer, and it’s an important staple in your vacation wardrobe as well. Most sundresses come in lighter colors – even white – and feature light fabric and a looser cut. The length of sundresses varies, so you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing just the right one for you. 

dresses every woman should own


Many of the more popular sundresses are either maxi length or mini length – there isn’t much in-between. Sundresses have been in style for the past several years and seem to be here to stay, which makes them a great addition to your closet year after year. You can follow the trends in colors and patterns, or you can use the sundress as a base for layering and accessorizing. 

  1. The Smart Cocktail Dress

The cocktail dress is usually mid-length with a cut that shows off your figure. It can come in any color, although most women refer to this style of dress as their “little black dress.” You can consider it a “smart” cocktail in two ways: it’s a bit fancy, and it’s versatile so it fits any smart or smart-casual occasion. It’s also smart because having just one dress for many events can help cut down on fashion waste, and it gives you a lot more space to accessorize. Ask any woman, and she’ll tell you that the “little black dress” – or that versatile cocktail dress – is an absolute must.

dresses every woman should own


  1. The Go-To Evening Gown

Admittedly, this dress might be the one that you wear the least often. However, it’s important to have a versatile gown in a flattering (and often neutral) color that you can wear to fancy events when the occasion arises. This also means that you don’t have go through the stress and expense of buying a new evening gown each time you get invited to a formal wedding or awards ceremony. Instead, look at new ways to accessorize your go-to gown: you can use statement jewelry, flashy shoes, or a great handbag to make the dress new for every event. 

  1. The “Totally Me” Dress

Every woman should have at least one dress in her closet that is special and unique to her. This means that you should have a dress that you love to wear, even if your friends wouldn’t necessarily wear it themselves – it’s all about your and your preferences with this one! It can be made from any type of fabric and feature any kind of pattern. This dress can be any length, cut, or level of formal, but it should reflect the personal style of the wearer. You should find the best type of dress for your body type and stick to your own preferences when you’re choosing this garment. 

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