It is a bit weird that as a collective society we’re so obsessed with serial killer shows and films, but psychologists speculate that our keen interest in the topic is likely because it offers us a way to explore this foreign and dark world that we’d otherwise never understand. Serial killer TV shows, films, podcasts, and books also often tell stories of complex human emotion and psychology.  Whatever the case may be, the entertainment industry has certainly delivered when it comes to murder shows. So, if you’re looking for some binge-worthy options — think psychological thriller shows like Mindhunter or classic shows like How To Get Away With a Murder — we’ve rounded up a list that’ll satisfy and spook you to your core.

Streaming Serial Killer Shows to Binge:

Dr. Death (Peacock) 

Almost always, doctors are framed in our minds as benevolent beings here on earth with the sole purpose to heal and cure us. Dr. Death — which is based on a true story — turns that idea completely upside down. This unusual serial killer show tells the completely horrifying story of a spinal surgeon and utter sociopath named Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson) who performs catastrophic surgeries on patients. It’s every patient’s worst nightmare.

You (Netflix) 

If you’re craving a fictional tale, look no further than You, a Netflix serial killer show that’s now in its third season and already renewed for a fourth. It’s a murder show unlike others with a cult-following of viewers who have somehow become endeared to — and even root for — the lead, a bookish man named Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) who stalks his love interests and essentially gets rid of anyone who stands in his way.

The Fall (Prime

This gripping series debuted in 2013 and has three seasons, the most recent of which was in 2016. It’s not one of the most recent serial killer TV shows on this list, but it’s just as binge-worthy. The Belfast-based psych thriller follows the story of a sporadic serial killer with no real MO (Jamie Dornan) and a determined detective (Gillian Anderson) that’ll do anything to catch the bad guy.

Mr. Mercedes (Peacock) 

Also in its third season, Mr. Mercedes is a serial killer show that follows a retired detective’s (Brendan Gleeson) quest to find a murderer that torments him through a series of letters. At his side is a teenage boy and a quirky woman who are equally determined to put an end to this killer’s murderous spree.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark (HBO

It took four decades to finally locate the notorious “Golden State Killer” and late crime writer Michelle McNamara had a big part in solving the case. I’ll Be Gone In The Dark is a six-episode docuseries based on the writer’s titular book and interspersed with interviews from her widowed husband, friends, and people close to the case. If you’re into true crime TV shows or podcasts, this is definitely a winner. 

Mare of Easttown (HBO) 

Small-town detective Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) is a loner with her own set of struggles, but she’s determined to find the person who killed a local teenage mother. This one’s not your typical serial killer TV show, either. It’s a fascinating and beautiful story that weaves mystery, crime, grief, community, and relationships into one tapestry. 

The Sinner (Netflix) 

Almost always, our goal as the viewer of a serial killer show is to solve the crime. But in the The Sinner — an anthology series with three seasons and a fourth on the way — we’re shown who the murderer is from the get-go. We even see it happen. The point of the show, starring Bill Pullman, for the viewer at least, is to explore why the murder happened. Each season is a new story.

steve carell the patient

The Patient (FX)

There’s truly no shortage of serial killer shows, but if you’re feeling like you’ve run dry on shows to binge, we’ve got one more for you to look forward to. Highly anticipated,  The Patient (FX) is the story of a recently widowed psychotherapist (Steve Carell) who’s held prisoner by a serial killer with a very strange request. It’s set to debut in late 2022. 

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