Best Fitness Subscription Apps in 2023

Are you working out from home and looking for the best fitness subscription apps? Some fitness subscription apps can be on the pricy side, but we’ve provided 8 total recommendations that can fit any budget. The important thing is to put yourself first and that can start with a quick, app-based workout at home.

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What are fitness apps?

Fitness apps provide the user with instructions for different workout routines, nutritional programs, and exercises you can do for different body parts. There are many different fitness apps that you can choose from. Some are for more athletic people who are constantly working out, while others can be for beginners needing a place to start when it comes to working out. 

Who are fitness apps good for?

Fitness apps are suitable for anyone looking for guidance while working out. They are great for people who workout from home, especially with limited time, and could use some structure to this plan. Since you have to pay for a subscription, you’ll want to make sure you can use the app at least a couple of times per week to get your money’s worth.

What are online workout subscriptions?

There are many types of online workout apps. They cover a wide variety of exercise methods, price points, and direction. Some might be specifically for yoga or pilates whereas others cover many types of movement. You pay a monthly fee to access guided workouts or classes. Sometimes, these apps also include workout, nutritional, and meditation plans.

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What features should I look for in a fitness app?

Features you should look forward to regarding a fitness app are a workout tracker, virtual coaches, customized diet plans, community sharing, and multiple exercise programs. It is best when one app has everything you need, so you don’t have to use multiple apps or sources of information when it’s time to work out. Mainly, consider cost for the variety of activities available to you.

Best workout subscription apps

Here is a list of the top five best workout subscription apps that we would recommend to anyone.

1. FitOn 

FitOn is one of the best fitness subscription apps we have found. They offer various workouts that include cardio, strength, dance, yoga, or Pilates. The app’s live classes feature classes that are available in real-time. 

2. Beachbody On Demand 

Beachbody On Demand is the next best if you want to get that beach body before summer starts. An annual subscription will give you access to seventy-five on-demand workout programs. You can go from a beginner level to advance workout options when constantly working out with this app. 

3. Nike Training Club 

Nike Training Club provides lots of perks like personal training and multi-week training programs that you can access. When you download, there is a questionnaire to fill out, which helps the app recommend the best program for you. 

4. Burn.Fit 

Burn Fit is a great option if you are looking to track your progress and show your change over time. The app acts as a workout journal and will help you log in workouts with helpful graphs and keep you motivated to keep going with your workouts. 

5. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is an all-in-one nutrition and fitness tracker with over fourteen million foods. The app allows you to scan barcodes for nutritional information, save meals, keep track of your eating habits, and ensure you eat enough for the calories you are losing. 

What equipment do you need for online workout subscriptions?

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It depends on the workouts available in your app. Sometimes, you need absolutely nothing at all. In other instances, you might need hand weights, yoga mats, and resistance bands for online workouts. If you have the room and money, you can invest in a treadmill or exercise bike machine to factor in some cardio too. Some machines come with workout apps, but can be expensive or don’t offer much. Keep reading to check out our recommendations.

Do fitness apps help build a daily exercise routine?

Some fitness apps will create a daily workout program you can follow. At the same time, other apps will only provide a library of classes for you to choose from. If you want a daily routine, you should look at subscription apps like Future or BetterMe because they have daily exercise routines available. If you have a tight schedule, you can plan around it and make the time to exercise.

Are fitness apps safe?

Fitness apps are safe to use, but they aren’t the best for ensuring your form is correct. It can definitely be easier to injure yourself this way as opposed to working in-person with a coach or instructor. They can be off in terms of providing data as well. You have to make sure the app you use will calculate your workout tracking correctly. The same goes for any food or nutritional recommendations. We recommend reading the instructions well, so that you follow all directions to get the most out of it.

What workout app is best for weight loss?

If you want to lose weight, the best fitness subscription app is FitOn. They offer guides to available healthy eating and sugar reduction and the best focus for you on losing weight. They only offer annual pay for thirty dollars or a six-month payment of twenty-five. They have live classes you can do if you want to take advantage of a class environment.

Are online workout subscriptions as effective as in-person workout classes?

Online workout subscriptions can be effective as in-person workout classes if you have the motivation and determination to keep going. The only way for it to be effective is if you are constant with your workouts and put in all your effort as you would at an in-person workout. It doesn’t always work for everybody because sometimes people need in-person motivation to get through a workout. You know yourself best, so your progress will be entirely up to you in this space.

Should I pay for fitness apps?       

It depends on what you are looking for in your fitness goals. There is definitely a strong presence of subscription apps that are not free because the free ones come with fewer classes or features. If you have any at-home workout machines, getting an app can be worth it because they can help you utilize your equipment to the fullest extent. You should only pay for a fitness app if you know you will use it. As long as you will be using the app and you will benefit from it, it’s worth the money and usually, still cheaper than an in-person gym or studio membership.

Are workout apps worth it?

Yes, workout apps can be highly effective regarding fitness and weight loss. They provide a convenient way to work out while being affordable if you pay monthly. The apps can be worth it if you are self-motivated and consistent with your workouts or have a busy life that prevents you from making it to the gym. Even if you can only squeeze in 15-20 minutes of movement, your app will help you get there and your body will thank you later.

Can a fitness app replace your gym membership?

A fitness app can replace your gym membership as long as you are consistent with your workouts. If you are the type of person to be on top of your workouts, you can save money by paying for a fitness app because they tend to be cheaper monthly and annually than a gym membership.

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How much should you pay for a workout app subscription?

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It depends on what you are willing to pay monthly for a fitness program. Most fitness apps cost between $5-40 per month. The expensive fitness apps include more videos, various workout types, and highly qualified coaches, so there is a reason you pay more per month. If you don’t need all the fancy things that would come with the high-class fitness app, then you shouldn’t have a problem with one of the affordable apps.

What are the benefits of a workout streaming subscription?

The benefits of a streaming workout subscription are that you can say goodbye to the gym fees or contracts, find time to workout on your schedule and in your own home, and track your progress over time. It will prevent you from making excuses because you don’t have to leave your house to have access to quality fitness programs. It is easy-to-use, affordable, and a great place to start in your fitness journey.

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Which is the right workout app for you?

We suggest writing down what you are looking for in an app regarding your workout routine. That way, when you go online to see fitness apps, you can compare your notes and see which app pairs best. We’ve listed our top 5 favorites above, but we also wanted to factor in three more ideas: best overall, best for budget, and best for athletes.  

  • Best Overall – NEOU is the overall best fitness subscription app because it has a huge variety of classes. It is priced at $8 monthly or $60 annually. They offer yoga, boot camp, strength, cardio, dance, and core workouts. 
  • Best for Budget – Fitness Blender provides various online workouts plus nutritional guidance. If you get the membership, the app offers to track your progress, save activities, and choose meal plans. The basic level is free; you can pay $7 monthly if you upgrade. It offers workouts like strength, Pilates, low impact, and cardio. 
  • Best for Athletes – Les Mills is known for creating tough but effective workouts. You can pay $15 monthly or $90 annually. They offer the same intensity so that serious athletes can feel the burn no matter where they are. 

We hope that these best fitness subscription apps help you find a new way to stay in shape at home. As spring begins, you can work your way up to a certain fitness goal before summer. Keep up with your workouts and you will see the improvement you seek. Keep a positive outlook and you’ll get your money’s worth with these apps. Give it time, and you will get closer to your goals daily.