These Beauty Looks From The Tokyo Olympics Deserve A Gold Medal

The Olympics are a time to marvel at the abilities of the world’s greatest athletes, who seem to grow more and more awe-inspiring each time the Games roll around. Even more impressive in our opinion is the fact that so many Olympians display their feats of athleticism while looking incredible. From show-stopping hairstyles to statement nail art, competitors are able to proudly express themselves (and oftentimes, pay homage to their culture) with some of the best Olympic beauty looks we’ve ever seen — making the events even more memorable.

Track and field athletes are known for their bold looks, and in this year’s Tokyo Olympics, they certainly pulled out all the stops. However, we’re seeing more and more athletes join in on the fun — Olympic gymnasts are even rocking acrylic nails, yet still grip the uneven bars with ease (how?!). Here, we’ve rounded up the best Olympic beauty looks from the 2020 Tokyo Games that prove these stars are more than just capable athletes — they’re also style icons.

The Best Olympic Beauty Looks

Simone Biles’ Cornrowed Bun

As one of the world’s most decorated gymnasts, Simone Biles is thrilling to watch. But in addition to her incredible skills, the 24-year-old also brings her sense of style to the mat. In Tokyo this year, she’s been keeping her hair secure with cornrows that are pulled back into a high bun, usually adorned with red, white, and blue ribbons.

Elaine Thompson Herah’s Sparkly Headband

The Jamaican sprinter shined during the Tokyo Olympic Games — literally. Her gold, sparkly headband was not only a stunning accessory but also seems to have foreshadowed her gold medal victory.

Sunisa Lee’s Braided Buns (And Acrylic Nails)

Sunisa Lee stepped up the plate after Simone Biles’ withdrawal, and she did not disappoint. Her gold medal-winning performance was made even more memorable by her adorable braided bun and square-shaped acrylic nails. If you ask us, she should’ve been given extra points for difficulty.

Anna-Maria and Eirini Alexandri’s Dramatic Makeup

These Austrian synchronized swimmers (and two of three triplets on the Olympic team) did not shy away from color when it came to their makeup look. Their bold eyeshadow look essentially covers the entire eyelid, while their bright pink lipstick enhances their already-exaggerated facial expressions.

Naomi Osaka’s Red Braids

Who doesn’t love a monochromatic look? The tennis star’s red braids perfectly matched her competition outfit.

Rebeca Andrade’s Hair Scarf

The Brazilian gymnast and two-time Olympian embraced a look not often seen at the Games — hair scarves. Throughout the competition, Andrade used scarves to secure her bun, adding a colorful and unique touch to the hairstyle.

Lu Yufei’s Red Lip

We don’t often see bold makeup looks in gymnastics, making Chinese gymnast Lu Yufei’s bold red lip even more eye-catching.

Nevin Harrison’s Olympic Manicure

Olympic spring canoeist Nevin Harrison took to Instagram to show off her Olympic-themed manicure. Paired with a tie-dyed bucket hat, the 19-year-old is bringing us one of the trendiest Olympic beauty looks we’ve seen yet.

Megan Rapinoe’s Lilac Hair

The soccer star’s purple hair proves that you can be a serious athlete while still having fun with your beauty looks.

Christina Clemons’ Butterfly Hair Clips

The American track and field star showed up to the Games with one of the best Olympic beauty looks ever. Her hair was adorned with gorgeous pink, purple, and blue butterflies — perhaps to represent how effortlessly she flies over the hurdles.

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