10 Best Pickleball Paddles to Try This Summer

Over the past three years, pickleball has grown by 159%. CNN tells us that during the pandemic, especially, the sport grew overnight. Plus, people are always looking for new and safe ways to exercise outside. Tom Brady increased the attention to the sport, bringing it to gyms and parks. There are even many courts in Central Park, New York City. Most require you to get your paddle, so that’s why we will give you a breakdown of the best pickleball paddles that you can purchase right now.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a combination of tennis and ping pong. You can play indoors or outdoors, but regardless, you play on a badminton size court with a tennis net. The paddles resemble ping pong paddles but are more extensive and made with advanced materials. Pickleball uses plastic balls that have perforated holes in them. People love the sport because it is easier to learn than tennis, and there is less ground to cover. 

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Do you need your own pickleball paddle?

If you go to the gym or park, you will most likely need your pickleball paddle. It depends on the location where you play and if they want to provide the paddles for the people. They might provide the paddles if you play professionally in a league. 

Without further ado, here are our top 10 best pickleball paddles out now.

10. Graphite, $65

Credit – niupipo.com

The Graphite is an affordable pickleball paddle if you want something reliable but still on the cheap side. The paddle is created with a honeycomb core and graphite carbon fiber that helps increase strength and reduce the paddle’s weight, making it easier to swing. Reviewers have stated that they love the paddles because they are light and well-balanced. It is an excellent paddle for a beginner looking to start pickleball. 

9. Gamma Neutron, $80 

Credit – gammasports.com

The Gamma Neutron is a lighter paddle. It won’t weigh your hand down when swinging to hit the ball. This paddle has a Hi-Tech grip to keep your hand comfortable, and the paddle secure in your hand. Reviewers have stated they love the hold because it offers much spin in your hand when you are playing. 

8.  Prince Spectrum Pro, $129 

Credit – princepickleball.com

The Prince Spectrum Pro is available in two weights and grip sizes depending on your hand size and if you want more of a challenge with the weight. The Progressive Core technology’s thickness in this paddle is far more than other polymer cores in the industry. This means the more power you put in when you hit, the more energy it gives to the ball. When tested, players admired and noted it was one of the best paddles ever in the Prince test lab.

7.  Head Extreme Tour Lite, $150

Credit – head.com

The Head Extreme Tour Lite has a unique diamond shape for maximum control on each shot you take. The handle provides a comfortable grip for a great feel, touch, and ultimate hit of the ball. It provides the lightest weight in a paddle and will give you maximum control. Reviewers have stated that this paddle offers so much power and improves their game because they have all the control they need in a game.

6. Armour Sara Ash Signature, $150 

Credit – justpaddles.com

The Armour Sara Ash Signature is one of the best pickleball paddles because it was created by a professional player, Sara Ash. The paddle is modeled after her playing style. She created a paddle for extreme performance and comfort on the court. Reviewers have stated they love this paddle because of its extended grip, and the handle provides the right spot to hold it to feel in control. 

5. Encore EX, $160 

Credit – pickleballcentral.com

The Encore EX will satisfy all players who want balance and consistency. The grip of the paddle is cushioned to give you comfort. It comes into sizes, both small and medium circumferences. Reviewers have stated that the paddle’s sweet spot is large but bigger than others, but it still provides a lightness that helps quicken their response time. 

4. Lindsey Newman Havoc, $180 

Credit – gammasports.com

The Lindsey Newman Havoc was created by the pro-Lindsey Newman who made the paddle for players who want to combine their utility with power and destroy their opponents on the court. The look of the paddle lets opponents second-guess you when they are thinking of challenging you. Reviewers have stated they are obsessed with this paddle because it is comfortable and provides a perfect pop when hitting the ball. 

3. CX14E, $200

Credit – gearboxsports.com

The CX14E provides a longer length that offers more reach. It helps create a spin with the narrow head it has. The paddle is ideal for players looking for reach when trying for the ball. The paddle has a ribbed core patented that allows for more of a hit to the ball when you are swinging.  Reviewers have stated it has a large, sweet spot and is sticky to help you with spins. 

2. JOOLA Simone Jardim, $220 

Credit – justpaddles.com

The JOOLA Simone Jardim is packed with aggression, but can still be controlled. The paddle is a favorite of the #1 player in the world. The paddle is wide and the handle is long, which gives power to each hit. Reviewers have stated that they enjoy the paddle because of the easy spin and how it provides power through the ball.

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1. Vanguard Power Air Invikta, $250 

Credit – selkirk.com

On our list of the best pickleball paddles, the Vanguard Power Air Invikta falls at #1. Vanguard partnered with Tyson McGuffin to provide power and spin when creating this perfect paddle. For the past two years, pickleball has been focused on energy and spin, and the community has discovered its benefits. This paddle completely controlled the court, providing maximum power and spin. Reviewers have stated that even with the paddle’s steep price, it improved their performance a ton. It may take time to get used to when you first switch paddles.