Best Pre-Workout Breakfast for Energy

When you are about to exercise, having the best pre-workout breakfast for energy is crucial. Having a good breakfast that provides energy for your workout gives you the fuel to get through a tough workout routine. You can have many different kinds of breakfast foods, but our recommendations stem from the best pre-workout breakfast for energy to give you the boost you need before hitting the gym.

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Why should you eat breakfast before working out? 

Eating breakfast before working out can improve workout performance and allow you to work out for longer. Eating breakfast is important because food provides calories that give you energy. When working out, you burn calories. If you haven’t eaten, you will lose calories that you don’t have, making you tired or dizzy and feel faint.

How long before you work out should you eat breakfast?

If you exercise in the morning, you must eat breakfast at least an hour before your workout. That gives the food time to digest and energy to get through the body. This way, you will be well-fueled when going into a workout. It is not safe to work out on an empty stomach, so try and make sure to get something in your stomach, whether it be a banana or a granola bar. Even if it’s something small, that is better than nothing.

What makes a good pre-workout breakfast?

A pre-workout breakfast is a meal that provides you with ample energy. Integris Health and other medical journals tell us that certain foods are actually better for getting energy than others. We’ve used these recommendations to round up the best pre-workout breakfast for energy. Eating fatty foods for breakfast won’t give you the energy you need for a workout. That kind of food will only make you more tired, and you won’t be able to get a decent workout in. Instead, opt for carbs and protein.

10 Best Pre-Workout Breakfast for Energy

10.  Whole grain toast with peanut butter and banana 

Credit – Shashi Chaturvedula – Unsplash

Whole grain toast gives you vitamins and nutrients you want to have for breakfast before working out. Peanut butter adds a bit more flavor to the toast, and bananas provide you with more energy. You’ll be surprised by how well everything goes together. We suggest having at least two pieces of toast to fuel energy before working out. 

9. Cereal or granola bar

Healthy cereal or granola bar has ingredients like oats, corn, wheat flakes, nuts, dried fruits, and seeds, providing lots of needed carbs, protein, and fiber. You can get a lot from having a bowl of cereal or eating two granola bars. They might seem like small breakfast choices but provide lots of energy. 

8. Hard-boiled eggs with fruit 

Credit – Jane Doan – pexels

If you need easily digestible protein, hard-boiled eggs are very convenient. If you add a side of fruit, whether grapes or bananas, you will get even more energy from the natural sugar and carbs. You can always boil the eggs beforehand. That way, you have prepared hard-boiled eggs, and you don’t have to spend time in the morning before your workout getting this meal prepared.  

7. Protein pancakes 

If you have protein powder, you can easily add it to your pancake batter and it will give you the energy you need for breakfast. Mix the ingredients to make two or more servings of pancakes, and only put in one serving of protein powder. When the batter is ready, place them on a pan to cook according to the directions and enjoy after cooling.

6. Breakfast bars 

Credit – Annelies Brouw – pexels

If you have pre-made or packaged breakfast bars at home, these are easy to have for breakfast because you don’t have to cook anything. If you get the breakfast bas with added nutrients, they make for a quick and effective breakfast. Our favorite breakfast bars include the Verb energy bar or Kind Snacks, which are available at most grocery stores. 

5. English muffin with jam with a side of fruit 

An English muffin with jam and a side of fruit is a great breakfast to have before working out. If you don’t want to only have white flour, there are many varieties of English muffins available. English muffins are great for the metabolism and bone health. Pair it with a side of the fruit of your choice you will have the energy you need for your workout.

4. Oatmeal with fruit

Credit – furkanfdemir – pexels

Oatmeal provides you with carbs and fiber that keep your blood sugar under control. Topping it with fruit like strawberries, blueberries, and bananas makes it great for an ideal breakfast packed with energy. You can get any oatmeal from any store whether plain or flavored; all varieties work great for a pre-workout breakfast.

3. Eggs with whole grain bread 

Having eggs with whole-grain bread is a great breakfast because they both provide you with needed protein and carbs. The healthiest way to eat an egg is when its boiled, but you can make them any way you prefer because they still provide you with the same amount of protein and carbs. Pairing it with wheat bread is great, so you can have extra energy.

2. Smoothie

Credit – Denis Tuksar – Unsplash

Smoothies are packed with nutrients and you can throw in different kinds of fruits or pretty much anything you have in the fridge. They are ideal for breakfast because they are quick, easy to make, and easily digested. All fruits have carbs, so it doesn’t matter what smoothie you make as long as you have a glass full before a run, gym session, or any other kind of workout.

1. Fruit and Greek yogurt 

Last, but not least, our favorite pre-workout breakfast is greek yogurt paired with fruit. The fruit is full of carbohydrates and Greek yogurt is filled with protein, so when you place them together, it makes for the perfect pre-workout breakfast. The carbs in the fruit will break down quickly and fuel your body whereas the protein you get from Greek yogurt is stored longer, which helps prevent muscle damage. 

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We hope our recommended meal list helps you enjoy the best pre-workout breakfast for energy. Ingredients like fruits, bread, and protein whether it be eggs or yogurt are the best foods you can consume before any kind of physical activity. Make sure you have a small to medium sized serving at least an hour or more before your workout plan for the day. You don’t want to overeat before working out because that can lead to stomach aches, so a smaller portion than you would normally eat is perfect.