Beyoncé Sports A Blunt Bob In The New Ivy Park Campaign And Wow, Just… Wow!

It’s not often we see Beyoncé wearing her hair styled any other way than long and wavy. It’s been her signature look for years. But the megastar does switch it up occasionally, and her latest look proves she can pull off any hairstyle with total poise.

In a new campaign for her athletic collection Ivy Park, Beyoncé is photographed sporting a blunt bob with bangs, and she looks beyond stunning. The chic cut is known as the je ne sais quoi bob and is characterized by a classic square shape. It’s cut completely straight with ends that flip under ever so slightly at the jawline to frame her face.

This is a drastic change in length for Beyoncé; in fact, it’s the shortest we’ve seen her strands in years. The one thing she didn’t ditch, however, is her signature caramel color. For the campaign, her new hairstyle is paired with a red power suit, a matching red lip, and graphic eye makeup.

In another post on the Ivy Park Instagram feed, Beyoncé is wearing an outfit that looks like it is made entirely out of red latex and wow, just… wow!

Though we love this hairstyle on her, we have a feeling it’s a wig for the Ivy Park campaign and expect Beyoncé to return to her long locks any day now (if she hasn’t already). Still, this solidifies the bob as the haircut of 2022, and we predict an uptick in salon appointments to follow.

In the meantime, we’ll be adding these photos to our #hairspo board while simultaneously pickup up our jaw from the floor.

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