Chrissy Teigen Leaves Twitter After Years Of Taking Online ‘Punches’

Chrissy Teigen has left the chat. In a series of tweets on Wednesday, the multi-hyphenate star announced that she was leaving Twitter after 10 years of building her iconic presence on the social media platform. Her account was deleted shortly after. 

“Hey. For over 10 years, you guys have been my world. I honestly owe so much to this world we have created here. I truly consider so many of you my actual friends,” Teigen wrote in the message to her followers. “But it’s time for me to say goodbye.”

She went on to explain how the app had started to affect her mental health: “This no longer serves me as positively as it serves me negatively, and I think that’s the right time to call something.”

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The model-turned-media-personality was a prolific tweeter, so much so that she became known as the “Mayor of Twitter.” With over 13.7 million followers on the platform, she tweeted about everything from her personal life to politics to special projects like her cookbooks and new cleaning supply collection. She held nothing back on the platform and was often praised for her witty responses to haters. 

But, of course, even Teigen wasn’t immune to the toxicity that comes with social media. “My life goal is to make people happy. The pain I feel when I don’t is too much for me. I’ve always been portrayed as the strong clap back girl, but I’m just not,” she explained, revealing how the daily harassment and “small, 2-follower count punches” have left her “deeply bruised.”

“My desire to be liked and fear of pissing people off has made me somebody you didn’t sign up for, and a different human than I started out here as! Live well, tweeters. Please know all I ever cared about was you!!!”

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“I have made my mistakes, throughout years and in front of hundreds of thousands, and been held accountable for them. I’ve learned an incredible amount here. God, I have said f*cked up sh*t and killed myself over it as much as you killed me. But one thing I haven’t learned is how to block out the negativity,” she continued in her now-deleted tweets. “I’m just a sensitive shit, okay!? I don’t wanna be this way! I just am! But I love you guys and I cherish our time together, I truly do. I also hate you.”

It’s unfortunate that it has come to this, but we are happy to see Chrissy Teigen is prioritizing her mental health while speaking out against the trolling she experienced online. Recent statistics show steady growth in cyberbullying trends. According to Statistica, more than half of US adults who use the internet have dealt with cyberbullying, with 37 percent of those reporting severe online harassment. 

She finished her last tweet with a powerful message for social media users: “I encourage you to know and never forget that your words matter. No matter what you see, what that person portrays, or your intention.”

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