When it comes to nail shape, most of us have our personal favorites that we go back to again and again. Some prefer a classic oval or square shape, while others like something more dramatic, like stiletto or coffin nail. If you’re growing a little bored of the same old nail routine, let us introduce you to the bold new trend that will certainly shake things up this summer: the edge nail shape.

Edge nails are nothing new but are just recently gaining popularity in the United States; they’re way more common in Eastern European countries like Russia and Turkey. In fact, the hashtag #edgenails has over one million views on TikTok and over 14,000 posts on Instagram.

So what are edge nails exactly? From a distance, they might look kind of like a stiletto tip, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that they are more structured and there is actually a raised point in the middle, creating a unique, 3-dimensional effect. “The edge nail is an ultra-dramatic, eye-catching shape,” says Julie Kandalec, a celebrity nail artist and CEO of the Masterclass Nail Academy.

Below Kandalec takes us through everything there is to know about the new nail trend taking over the internet.

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What is the edge nail shape?

The edge nail shape is unlike anything else out there, and honestly, you have to see it to really understand. “Edge nails comes to three points, with two on the side edges and one single point at the very tip,” Kandalec explains. Think of a mix between the stiletto and lipstick nail shapes. The center of the nail is slightly raised, too, creating a “spine” that gives the nail dimension.

“It’s a very popular look in the nail competition world, and the physics of this shape is very difficult to perfect, but when done well, it’s absolutely stunning,” she adds. And while edge nails stand out most on extra long fingernails, you can also opt for a more subtle look on shorter nails. Check out the “mini edge” nail look from TikTok below for a subtler take on the trend.

How do I ask for an edge nail shape at the salon?

It’s important to make sure you see a professional nail technician who specifically has experience with edge nails, as they are created using a 3D nail enhancement technique. With that said, your nail artist should never attempt to create the shape with your natural nails alone. “They should know that this is an enhancement service, for nails that will be sculpted in acrylic or hard gel,” Kandalec says. “It isn’t possible to do this with a natural nail.”

Can I DIY edge nails at home? 

On that note, Kandalec says that the edge nail trend should only be attempted by trained nail artists with lots of experience. While you can buy “edge nails kits” online, she cautions against doing so as you may damage your natural nails. “This is a service that only very advanced nail professionals should offer,” she says. “Some sellers of press-ons may offer this shape soon, but I have not seen many yet.”

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Edge nail inspiration

Need some ideas? Have a scroll through some of the most stunning edge nail designs on Instagram.

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