Fitness Influencer Emily Skye Shows Off Postpartum Stomach Alongside Inspiring Message

Australian fitness influencer Emily Skye has long been an advocate for body positivity and self acceptance. And since giving birth to her first child in December 2017, she has spoken out about the unrealistic body image expectations out there, especially for women who have just given birth. 

On Saturday, Skye posted a bikini photo on Instagram with a powerful message for new moms. The photo shows off some loose skin still visible on the mom of two’s stomach. “So many people believe having babies ruins your body! I don’t think that’s true! Your body is not ruined, it’s just different!⁣⁣” she wrote in the caption. 

Skye went on to explain that although your body changes during pregnancy, it is still amazing. “Just because your body has changed & may never be the same, doesn’t mean it isn’t fit, strong or beautiful⁣⁣,” she wrote. “Focus on what your body does for you every single day rather than how it looks or what you can’t change.” ⁣

She then stressed the fact that every body is worthy of celebration while acknowledging this doesn’t come easy for a lot of women after giving birth. “Easier said than done, I know, but if we don’t start practicing it, things will never change,” she wrote.

Skye finished the post by explaining why this message is so important to her. “I want my daughter Mia to love her body no matter what & not compare herself to other people or strive for this idea of perfection like I used to,” she wrote. 

“The best way to help our kids I believe is to lead by example. Let them see us being kind to ourselves & loving ourselves & our bodies…It all starts with us.” 

Skye welcomed her second child, son Izaac, in June 2020. And while she has become known for her body-positive message, the fitness influencer has been open about struggling with body image, admitting that accepting her post-baby body took time

In June of this year, she posted a slideshow of her fitness journey after having her son, with photos of her body at various stages of postpartum. “It’s taken me nearly a year after having Izaac to get fit again,” she wrote, which was slower than it was after having Mia. “I struggled a lot. It was haaard work.” 

Skye’s message to other moms: “Don’t doubt yourself.” It’s important to take the time to appreciate what your body is capable of — what it has been through — and when you want to get fit and strong again, “you CAN do it!” she says.

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