From blotted red lips to dewy skin, French girl style has long been admired for its effortlessly chic aesthetic. It makes sense that this has made its way into hairstyles; aren’t we all looking for something trendy yet timeless, put-together yet low maintenance? Such is the essence of the French bob, which has taken over as one of the top fall hair trends this year. A cropped face-framing style often accompanied by bangs, the French girl bob “is supposed to be super chic and super fun,” celebrity hairstylist and founder of Anthony Cristiano Salon Chicago, Anthony Cristiano, tells GLAM. Women are always looking for a change during this season, for something simple and fun.”

Celebrities like Alexa Chung and Kaia Gerber have helped make bob hairstyles increasingly popular in recent years, but the effortless look of the French bob is particularly sought-after. The length of the hair can vary when it comes to the French bob, Cristiano continues, depending on an individual’s jawline shape and neck length. “The hair can fall anywhere in between the neckline or at the baseline of the neck, but it has to be cut above the shoulders,” he says. “I always try to bring the proportions of the face to a natural oval and keep it simple.”

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Who does the French bob work best on?

The wonderful thing about the French bob is that it can really look great on anyone; though, Cristiano says, it tends to work best on those with straight or wavy hair that has a medium density. The style can also take curly hair to the next level, resulting in gorgeous, face-framing volume.

“The specifics of the style corresponds to each person’s face shape, proportions, and how you balance them,” he explains. “I think it looks great on everyone and it’s all about the length chosen and how you balance it in proportion to their features.”

“If someone has a small neck,” he continues, “you have to elongate it as much as possible through an
asymmetrical cut. It goes the same if you have a square jawline.”

If you want to try the French bob, Cristiano says the best thing to do is bring your stylist a photo for reference. “Technicians and professionals will be able to judge and take it from there,” he says. “Sometimes a photograph gives the client ways to verbalize their needs.”

Styling a French bob

Though a generally low-maintenance style, there are certain products that will keep your French bob looking its best. “If you tend to go towards sleek, clean, and minimal, I would go for Phytodefrisant, which is a botanical straightening balm,” Cristiano says. “If you want something with more volume, PhytoProfessional Intense Volume Mousse is a great option.”

If tousled, beachy waves are what you’re after, Cristiano recommends PhytoPlage Protective Sun Veil. “That is what the french girl bob is like for me: windblown, effortless, and ready to wear,” he says. “It should look very easy, fresh, very wash-and-wear, and very natural looking.”

French bob inspiration

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