These Viral ‘Is It Cake?’ Videos Are Mind-Blowing

We’re living in unusual times, and many of us have been relying on social media for entertainment. So it should come as no surprise that people are finding pleasure in watching random objects being sliced open (ASMR, anyone?). The thing is, though, these aren’t just random objects—they are cakes designed to look like everyday things. And they’re so realistic, they leave viewers wondering, ‘Is this cake?’

Cutting a raw chicken breast? Nope, it’s cake. Slicing a bar of soap? Cake. Cutting into a Croc? Holy sh*t, it’s cake! The viral videos will leave you second guessing everything you see, with some causing more stress than is probably healthy. (We gasped as a butcher knife approached an adorably wrinkly bulldog—turns out, of course, it was just layers of sugar, flour, and fondant.) And now the Internet is eating this up, with users sharing their hilarious reactions to the duplicitous delicacies.

It all started when Buzzfeed’s Tasty shared a compilation of videos by Turkish baker, Tuba Geçkìl. Her bakery, Red Rose Cakes, specializes in creating these realistic-looking cakes, and the post (which now has over 3 million views) highlights a few, including a red Croc shoe, toilet paper, grilled vegetables, and a potted plant. Naturally, we had to click over to Geçkìl’s Instagram feed, and we were immediately blown away by her work. We’re talking edible heads (with hair!) of famous people like Donald Trump and Bob Marley, savory foods like pizza and hamburgers, and everyday objects like lotion and cleaning supplies. All cake!

Other skilled bakers joined in on the fun, too. Natalie and Dave Sideserf of Sideserf Cake Studio in Texas also specialize in these realistic-looking cakes, and videos of their eggplant (above), onion, oyster, and t-bone steak delicacies are making rounds on social media. “Whether [people] absolutely love them or they absolutely hate them, I love it. If I was making cakes and everyone just loved them, I’d probably find that a little boring,” Natalie told The Post.

And while the response to the videos has certainly been mixed, the majority of people share some level of disbelief. “Guys i’m genuinely distressed i can’t take this sh*t anymore,” writes one user. Of course, it didn’t take long for people to meme the cakes and montage their response to the dessert deception. Check out some of the hilarious ‘Is this cake?’ posts below. You will never look at cake-cutting the same again.


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