Halsey Just Buzzed Her Head, And She Looks Bad*ss

Halsey just debuted a bold new look. On Monday, the popstar took to Tiktok to share her latest hair transformation: a buzz cut.

The video shows Halsey shaking off a long, brunette wig to reveal a clean shaven style. Set to audio by @Makalya, she joins a long list of users taking part in the popular TikTok trend of debuting drastic hair transformations on the app. “Don't do it, girl, it's not worth it,” it begins. “I'm not gonna do it, girl, I was just thinking about it…I did it.”

She sure did! It takes courage to shave your head, but Halsey pulls it off with ease, paring the cut with a sharp, black cat-eye wing.  


I did it

♬ original sound – Makayla

The response to Halsey’s new look has been overwhelmingly positive, with most fans loving her brand new buzz cut. The video has over 2 million likes on Tiktok and nearly 3 million views on Instagram, with both comment sections full of praise. “You can literally pull off anything,” wrote one fan.

“WE LOVE BALDSEY,” commented another user with the perfect play on words.

The singer later took to Twitter to explain why she decided to go bald. Responding to a fan who asked if she did it for a specific reason, such as a new role, she wrote: “I was growing it out for so long and I told myself I wouldn’t shave it till I saw what it was like healthy and long and then I saw it healthy and long and said ‘Mm this is nice but I miss bald’ and then so I did it!”

Halsey Shaved Head
Halsey debuts shaved head on Monday, October 19, 2020. “Just in time for beanie weather,” she writes.  

Of course, this isn’t the first time Halsey has rocked a buzz cut. She has made a number of hair transformations over the years, but always seems to return to the super-short style.

She first sported a shaved head back in 2015, and then again in a 2016 Nylon cover story. “Hair has also been a big indicator of racial issues in my life,” the biracial singer said in the interview.

“It’s one of the ultimate symbolic struggles for women of color. Shaving my head was important to me because I needed to be able to prove that I could still love myself if I did it,” she explained.

When she isn’t playing with fun wigs or sporting a shaved head, Halsey embraces her natural hair texture, which is curly. Just before her latest transformation, she was wearing box braids that ran down her back.

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