3 Holiday Nail Designs for a Simple Yet Festive Manicure

Now that the holidays are in full swing, it only makes sense that your nail polish matches the festive mood. A bold manicure is one of many ways to get in the holiday spirit — but you don’t have to be a nail expert to enjoy fun designs. Just in time for the season, luxury salon brand Bellacures has forecasted the hottest nail trends and created three holiday nail ideas that are not only beautiful but super easy to do yourself. From deep forest greens to sparkly tips (which are perfect for New Years’), these designs will carry you through all of the festivities ahead.

“These holiday looks were all chosen for their simplicity and ease to get through a busy holiday season,” Jennifer Bell, the Senior Marketing Manager of Bellacures, tells GLAM. To help keep your holiday mani fresh, Bell recommends experimenting with negative space designs, as they don’t require much maintenance. “When playing with negative space looks, you can opt to start with a neutral base or head right to the color play!” she continues. “Some of our favorite neutrals include OPI Put it in Neutral, Dazzle Dry Sentimental, OPI Pale to the Chief, or OPI From Dusk Til Dune.”

Ahead, Bell walks us through three holiday nail ideas that you can easily achieve at home.


Holiday Nail Ideas: Red Negative Space Design

Color used: OPI Nature Strong in Give a Garnet

“To achieve this look, we provided cuticle care and shaping to clean up the nails, then dove right into the color!” Bell says. “Start with a thin nail brush to outline the space you would like colored. We went with a slanted line starting just below the nail tip on the left following down to the middle of the nail on the right-hand side. This shape allows for the whole nail tip to be colored to help prevent easy chipping, and by bringing the line further down on the nail, it allows us to have more color.”

Finally, simply fill in the tip of your nail with the polish using the regular brush. Apply a second coat before finishing with a topcoat for maximum shine.


Holiday Nail Ideas: Green Negative Space with Festive Gold Squiggle Design

Colors used: Dazzle Dry Forest Green & OPI This Gold Sleighs Me

If you’re after just a hint of sparkle, this look is for you. After cuticle care, start by following the same steps as above, using a thin nail brush to divide your nail space and then filling in the top portion with two coats of polish.

“Once the green color has dried, use a clean, thin brush to paint an ‘S’ shape on each nail using the gold, ensuring the top of the ‘S’ starts in the green section and finishes on your bare nail,” Bell says. “Fill the ‘S’ in on either side until your desired thickness is achieved.”

Bell also notes that if you’re working with regular nail polish (as opposed to gel), it’s important to work quickly so that your ‘S’ reaches your desired thickness before it starts to dry; this will help to prevent any smudging. Apply a second coat of gold if needed, then finish with a glossy topcoat.


Holiday Nail Ideas: American Sparkle French Design

Colors used: OPI Gel Put it in Neutral & OPI GelColor Optical Nailusion

Love a French manicure? Add a sophisticated holiday twist with this sparkly design. Bell recommends first shaping the nails into an almond shape, as this allows the look to be softer while giving more room on the tip of the nails to add the sparkle.

After cuticle care, apply your favorite neutral shade across the whole nail; two coats will give the best coverage. Once dry, use a thin nail brush to paint the sparkle shade onto your tips. “Instead of drawing a straight line across like a regular French manicure, paint the line following the same curve as the almond tip, allowing for you to achieve your desired thickness of tip,” Bell says. “Start just below your fingertip and follow the curve of the almond. Using your regular brush, fill in the tip with your sparkles.”

Apply another coat of the shimmer shade for a more pronounced effect, then finish with a topcoat for an extra dose of shine.

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