Jessica Biel Just Shocked Fans With Photo Of Her Naturally Curly Hair

There’s no denying the fact that Jessica Biel is a natural beauty. The actress has a glow that shines whether she is wearing a full face of makeup or going completely makeup-free, and her hair is always styled in effortlessly soft waves we envy. It turns out, though, that her signature hairstyle may not be as effortless as we thought. Why? Because she appears to have naturally curly hair.

On February 22, The Sinner star shared a no-makeup selfie showing off her natural hair texture — and it’s unbelievably curly. The Instagram photo shows Biel with a fresh face and huge smile, her hair in spirals that extend past her shoulders. From the image alone, it seems she has Type 2C curls, or S-bend waves that are defined and tight.

“That’s why her hair is so big… it’s full of secrets,” Biel captioned the photo, referencing the 2004 hit film Mean Girls. Not only is her hair full of secrets, but apparently it is the secret she’s been keeping. Seriously, who knew she had such curly hair? Well, aside from her 7th Heaven co-star Beverly Mitchell, who commented, “Omg!!!! This takes me back!!!! Haha love it!!!”

Jessica Biel is just one of many celebrities to show off her curls. A growing number of stars have been embracing their natural hair texture lately. Khloe Kardashian revealed she has super-curly strands in an Instagram post last summer and has been since wearing it natural more often.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, other celebs including Ariana Grande and Gabriell Union also traded in the hot tools for their hair’s natural texture. And while all of these women look great with any hairstyle, it’s always refreshing to see our favorite celebrities without all the glam.

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