Kelly Clarkson is considered one of the most relatable celebrities in Hollywood. Never one to shy away from sharing real moments from her life — whether that’s her personal struggles with body image or divorce drama or simply makeup-free selfies — the charismatic talk show host has a reputation for being empathetic. And in a recent appearance on her show, Clarkson opened up about struggling with something many of us can relate to: quarantining with children.

Appearing remotely on her own talk show on Tuesday, February 16, Clarkson revealed she was home quarantining with her daughter River, 7, and son Remington, 5. Free of the glam we’re used to seeing her in on TV, she was wearing a silk robe layered over a t-shirt, her blonde hair unstyled and her face free of makeup with dark circles lining her under-eyes. In this moment, she was almost unrecognizable, as she look more like an average mom than a celebrity of her caliber.

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“Sometimes women don’t rise, Taraji,” she joked, while updated guest host Taraji P. Henson on her well-being. “Sometimes we fall.” She went on to explain how she thought her family was out of the woods after being exposed to someone who had tested positive for COVID-19. “I thought we were done with quarantining, and I’m so tired. I broke a nail. I’m so broken. This is me broken. My almond milk just expired,” she said.

“America, this is what I look like. You’re welcome.”

It was explained earlier in the show that although she had been exposed, Clarkson nor her kids had tested positive for COVID; however, there are strict protocols in place to keep the entire production crew safe. “You got to stay home, even if you are Kelly Clarkson,” Henson said of filling in for the host.

Oh, and in case you’re feeling overwhelmed by trying to juggling work and kids and life’s other obligations while in the middle of a pandemic, you’re not alone. If fact, Kelly Clarkson has yet to take down her Christmas tree. “There’s a lot going on. And so, I have not had time…I have all my stuff up,” she said.

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“But you know what, I’ve decided I’m probably going to keep the tree up and I’m just going to do different holidays, like Valentine’s Day. I’m going to be that crazy person,” Clarkson continued. (Valentine’s Day trees are actually a huge trend, btw — more on that here.) “You know what, judge away, America! I’m used to it.”

Check out the full clip from the Kelly Clarkson Show below.

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