Khloe Kardashian Shares Her Hardcore (And Creative) Quarantine Workout

Khloe Kardashian isn't letting self isolation slow down her fitness routine and her latest quarantine workout proves it. Over the weekend, the reality star shared one of the creative way she stays moving — with a little help from her daughter, True.

The videos, which were posted to Instagram on Sunday and set to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, show Khloe walking and running through a neighborhood while pulling her 2-year-old in a wagon behind her. “Let's do this,” she captioned the post, adding, “@donamatrixtraining [her trainer] was really pushing me this day.”

This definitely doesn't look easy, and Khloe's perseverance is impressive. In fact, her trainer was shocked she actually completed the challenging cardio workout. “Being in quarantine for so long @khloekardashian TBH I was surprised you finished, especially with #BabyTrue on your back,” Don-A-Matrix commented.

“Mom goals,” added Anna Kanyuk, founder on Top Stretching, which perfectly captures the collective response from her followers. Many seem motivated to try the move with their own kids.

Don-A-Matrix, a celebrity trainer is the founder of the DON-A-MATRIX Workout, has been working with the Kardashians long before quarantine and knows they like a challenge. In an interview with Us Weekly, he explained that Khloe likes doing exercises that keep her butt “nice, tight, and round.”

“I came up with these exercises that I do and I call them my Matrix Move. It’s more doing time, doing resistance training and cutting cardiovascular training,” he continued. “It has us focus on more than one body part at a time to allow you to be working on your butt, but also to be shaping up the thighs.”

Resistive sprints, as demonstrated by Khloe in these videos, increase lower body strength and target some of those hard-to-tone areas like the lower abs. Pulling weight while running is also believed to improve endurance and build better posture, since you are required to stand upright.

Think you could keep up with Khloe Kardashian's quarantine workout? Try it yourself. Responding to a fan's question in the comments, Khloe revealed the wagon she's pulling is the Veer All-Terrain Cruiser, which retails for $599.

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