Labor Day Healthy Activities to Try

As Labor Day approaches, we all are trying to make plans either with friends or family to spend the day together. When you are planning your day off though, make sure it is full of activities that are healthy and will prevent you from feeling yucky the next day at work. Check out our Labor Day healthy activities to try, and also take a look at our food recommendations to keep your day healthy in two ways. 

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Spend Your Labor Day Trying These 9 Healthy Activities

9. Biking

This could be as simple as taking a ride around the neighborhood – enough to get the legs moving and all the muscles stretched out. Bike rides are super fun, especially if the terrain is not too challenging. 

8. Camping

This doesn’t have to be a long trip, just enough to get into the fresh air and appreciate the nature around you. The best plan is to take a short camping trip, possibly somewhere close to you so it’s not too stressful and you can still have lots of fun. The best locations are State Parks, because most of them have campsites, some with electric and some without. 

7. Walking

labor day healthy activities to try
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Of course, one of the easiest ways to be active and not need any special equipment is to walk around. Even just a mile will make you feel more refreshed and ready for the day. The best amount of time to walk is around 30 minutes at a brisk pace, and will help reduce your risk of heart disease and keep your muscles toned. 

6. Golf

Credit: Courtney Cook

Play eighteen holes in the morning before it gets too hot out, either with your family or a couple of friends. This combines sport and exercise as you walk around to each hole, and can make for a great competitive event to kick off the holiday. 

5. Hiking

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If you live in a more rural area, there should be plenty of hiking trails around to travel to. The best websites to find trails around you are TrailLink and AllTrails. These can point you in the right direction and keep you on the right path as you travel into the woods. 

4. Swimming

This could be at the local community pool, or just in a nice calm stream near your house. Wherever you decide to swim, there are many benefits to this activity. While the water keeps you cool, your heart will still get a good workout, and the decreased gravity on your body allows joints to be unburdened and move freely in the water. 

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3. Apple Picking

Depending on where you live, this activity could be an option for you on Labor Day. Some orchards are already offering U-Pick sections, or you could always just visit the orchard’s store and find a bag of apples there too. Though this is usually a staple “Fall” activity, apple picking can also be enjoyed on Labor Day. 

2. Exercise Class

Similar to a New Years Resolution, this Labor Day could be the start of daily workouts to keep you in shape. In addition to numerous Youtube Channels dedicated to fitness such as Move With Nicole or MadFit, you can also subscribe to fitness regimes to make sure you stay on track. 

1. Kayaking

Credit: Filip Mroz

This can include canoeing too, kayaking is a great way to get out on the water and give your arms a nice workout. The other nice thing about kayaks is that they can be launched in a river, pond, lake, or ocean – there are no restrictions. Find a location near home or wherever you’re staying and enjoy yourself. 

5 Key Healthy Food/Drink Tips for Labor Day

In addition to healthy activities, make sure what you eat and drink on Labor Day is healthy too. We all have to work the next day, and there is nothing worse than feeling sick to your stomach while trying to complete your eight hours. 

5. Eat Before the Party

This might seem counterproductive, but it helps you regulate how much food you eat at the party, which tends to be heavier on the carbs and sugars. Having a small healthy meal before you leave will lessen those cravings, and allow you to enjoy the party. 

4. Balance Your Plate

Having the right balance of foods to fuel your body is super important, even on holidays. If you live in the United States, you have probably heard about MyPlate put out by the USDA. MyPlate recommends half of your plate to be fruits and vegetables, a quarter to be grains, and the last quarter to be lean proteins. Try to follow this guide as you grab some delicious Labor Day food. 

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3. Drink Lots of Water

Hydrate. We’re not kidding. This is crucial to our bodies, especially since they are 80% water. If you plan any activities over the holiday, always make sure to pack a water bottle with you. Sometimes Labor Day can be pretty hot, and the last thing you want to do is get heat exhaustion or be severely dehydrated because you forgot to drink water. 

2. Limit the Alcohol

This may seem like an odd rule, especially on a holiday, but alcohol can lead to a lot of bad choices and dehydrates you. Many drinks also contain a lot of calories and sugar, which is not ideal when you’re trying to stay healthy over the holiday. The best thing to do is have a couple of drinks over a long period of time, or just stay away completely and enjoy other aspects of the party. 

1. It’s Okay to Say No

You don’t have to fill your plate or feel stuffed at the end of the night. It’s totally okay to skip dessert too. Usually all the food options on Labor Day are homemade, and may make you feel obligated to eat, or at least try, all the food on the table. This is not true. Eat what you want, and maybe avoid the dessert station as they all contain a lot of sugar and carbs. 

Labor Day is a day to have fun and soak up the last rays of summer before Fall rolls around. This of course means good food, but also staying active throughout the holiday and making sure your body thanks you the next day. Hopefully you enjoyed our list of Labor Day healthy activities to try, and spend some time in the sun this coming Monday.