Nearly every skincare product on the market promises dramatic results, but it’s rare to find one that holds up to these claims, much less proves to be instantly effective. So it makes total sense that TikTok user @trinidad1967’s video showing an insane transformation recently went viral. In the clip, the 54-year-old demonstrates how she uses the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMX Eye Temporary Eye Tightener to drastically reduce the appearance of her under-eye bags — and the results are jaw-dropping.

In the TikTok posted on August 25, Trinidad Sandoval says that she was getting ready for work and decided to show her followers the ultimate trick to firming her under-eye bags. “I’m very self-conscious of them,” she tells viewers, explaining that that her under-eye bags began to appear after she underwent weight-loss surgery. “I found this and it works amazing.”

Sandoval then shows the camera the eye cream, which retails for $38, and applies a small amount of the clear gel to one eye area. “I’m only gonna do one side so you can see the difference,” she says. In less than a minute, the gel starts to work its magic, visibly tightening and smoothing the sagging skin under her eyes, and before you know it, her under-eye bags are completely diminished. Honestly, you have to see it to believe it.

“It works amazing and it tightens and it stays like this all day,” she raves. “I just wanted to share these secrets with you, because I know for me, my bags are…sometimes I cry when I look at myself in the morning.”

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According to the Peter Thomas Roth website, the miracle eye cream is powered by three key trademarked ingredients: Firm-A-Tite, which temporarily lifts and firms; Eyeliss, a trio of peptides that reduces puffiness; and Eye Regener, which helps diminish the look of under-eye bags. The brand also emphasizes that while the results are impressive, they are only temporary.

The caveat: Sandoval’s video, which currently has a whopping 25 million views, has caused the product to sell out almost everywhere. So, if you’re looking to try out the eye treatment for yourself, note that it’s only available in the mega size for $98 on the brand’s website.

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Since her original clip went viral, Sandoval has since posted a few follow-up videos, expressing her gratitude for the overwhelming response, as well as revealing that the brand contacted her to send over some free products. (Well deserved if you ask us!) Hopefully, Peter Thomas Roth and other retailers will be restocking the viral eye cream soon. Until then, brighten up your under-eyes with a set of celebrity-approved gold eye masks.

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