It may still be early days, but it seems safe to say that curtain bangs are shaping up to be the “it” style of the 2020s. Defined by wispy, face-framing strands, curtain bangs are a far lower maintenance look than traditional blunt bangs — plus, they look good on just about everyone. Influencers and celebrities have a massive hand in popularizing the trend, of course, with stars like Dakota Johnson, Alexa Chung, and Hilary Duff leading the charge.

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“Many of my clients have been asking for curtain bangs because it tends to favor a lot of different face shapes,” Seattle-based hairstylist Clarissa Teodoro tells GLAM. “In comparison to other bangs like thick front or side bangs, the wispy curtain bangs are easier to maintain and grow out.” The side-swept effect, Teodoro adds, accentuates your eyes without covering your whole face.

Another major factor in the prevalence of the curtain bangs trend, Teodoro says, has been the lifestyle changes that have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Lived in styles are trending because the pandemic has caused people to simplify their routine and overall look,” the stylist explains.

You might think that you need long hair to pull off curtain bangs, but that’s just not true. Teodoro says that while medium to long hairstyles with curtain bangs have been most common, lobs or shags also work very well with curtain bangs — and both styles are seriously trending right now. Really, any layered look will look amazing with curtain bangs, regardless of length. “Incorporating layers in the haircut gives it more shape and blends better with the curtain bangs,” Teodoro says. “The layers help prevent the curtain bangs from looking blunt and shapeless.”

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How to style short hair with curtain bangs

Aside from being on-trend, curtain bangs are an easy way to instantly elevate your look with little effort — all it takes is a little styling. When it comes to styling short hair with curtain bangs, Teodoro suggests curling or crimping strands to add some texture. “I would add in a texture spray like IGK’s Beach Wave Spray or Amika’s Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray to add volume and hold,” she adds. “You can also use molding or texture paste to piece out the curls individually or lightly rub into your scalp like dry shampoo to add volume.”

To style the curtain bangs, you’ll need a round brush or straightener to style them away from your face. “This takes a bit of practice, but there are plenty of videos on TikTok and YouTube that help people learn how to style them,” Teodoro says. Using a barrel brush on wet hair, separate your bangs into two sections and brush each away from the face as you blow-dry. You can also use a flat iron: “With a straightener, I would use the lowest heat setting, start at your eye level, turn the straightener a quarter ways away from your face and pull down gently,” Teodoro adds.

Short hair with curtain bangs inspo:

Ready to try short hair with curtain bangs? Here is some inspiration for the face-framing, low-maintenance look that’s sure to be everywhere this fall — and probably for the foreseeable future.

Classic lob with curtain bangs

Short wolf cut with curtain bangs

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