cheeto-scented nail polish

Not sure if now is the best time to top your fingertips with yummy scents — you know, since you aren't supposed to touch your face and all — but a Cheeto-scented nail polish is here to tempt you. The new SinfulColors Sweet and Salty nail polish collection isn’t just full of playful colors and glittery polishes, it also smells like some of your favorite snacks, too.

Yep, you can top your nails with appetizing shades like Cheese Puff, a scented nail polish that gives an entirely new meaning to the term “Cheeto fingers.” The nail polish looks like the bright orange dust left on your fingers after finishing a bag of cheesy puffs, with a speckled texture, but reviewers say it smells more like Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Can't go wrong with either, right?

sinful colors scented nail polish
c/o SinfulColors

If Cheetos aren't your thing, the collection includes a few other savory shades that might satisfy your cravings. There's Pizza Party, a nude shade with flecks of red, yellow, and black, and Taco Tuesday, a yellow shade with multicolored confetti and a spicy pepper scent.

For those with more of a sweet tooth, there is a Cookies and Cream polish with chocolate chip black glitter and, our favorite, Donut Even, an iridescent shimmer with multi-colored sprinkles. Each shade seems to be a smash hit, too. “Super fun and cute,” wrote one reviewer of the scented nail polish collection, adding, “Smells so good!”

The collection is available exclusively at Walmart for $2 to $3 per bottle. Believe it or not, though, the polishes have already sold out. If you want to try the Cheeto-scented nail polish, be sure sign up for an in-stock alert so you can shop the collection before it's gone for good.

Nail-biters beware.

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