Want to try the hottest summer 2021 hair trends? Look no further than TikTok. In addition to being a hub for short viral videos, the video sharing app has become a destination for beauty and style tips. While the content is mostly song and dance challenges, the platform has expanded and given way to a massive community of beauty influencers — with hairstyle videos being at the forefront of this viral content. In fact, there’s a specific tag dedicated to TikTok hair trends, #HairTikTok, and it has over 506 million views.

That’s the beauty of TikTok: With over 1 billion users, you’re guaranteed to find the inspiration you’re looking for. And now that summer is officially upon us, TikTok has no shortage of summer hair trend inspo. From retro styles and nostalgic ’90s looks to unique braiding techniques, this summer is shaping up to be a season of bold, playful hairstyles, with TikTok users showing us exactly how to pull them off. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the most viral summer 2021 hair trends on TikTok.

Summer 2021 TikTok Hair Trends

Mermaid Waves

Beachy waves had their moment in the spotlight, but when it comes to summer 2021 hair trends, it’s all about mermaid waves. Rather than the tousled, loose waves of beach-inspired hair, mermaid waves incorporate more of a crimped look. And while shorter haircut can certainly rock mermaid waves, super-long strands best lend themselves to the fresh-from-the-sea style.

The style is fairly simple to achieve. As demonstrated by TikTok user Amy Diala, start by applying a heat protectant spray all over your hair. (If your hair doesn’t hold curls well, you may also want to consider using a wave spray.) Then, you’ll need is a 3-barrel curling wand, like this $24 option from Amazon. Clamp the wand over your hair, working in sections, until you get the desired look.

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Silk Scarf Crown

Have a silk scarf collecting dust in your closet because you’re not sure how to style it? Once again, TikTok to the rescue. In a tutorial from creator @amy.does.some.hair, she demonstrates how to create a chic hair crown by twisting pieces of her hair around a silk scarf. The end result is a French-vacation inspired look that will keep you cool as temperatures rise.

The process is pretty simple too: “Weave the end of the scarf through the hair and tie off,” Amy instructs via text captions in her video. “Moving away from the face, twist the scarf and hair. Add hair each time you twist and work your way back to the starting point. Secure with a bobby.”

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Jumbo Twists

A traditional Senegalese style, these jumbo twists are a great option for summer. Often called “rope twists,” the protective style keeps natural hair healthy while adding length from extensions. First, section your hair evenly and tie each section with a rubber band. Smooth down any baby hairs with a lightweight gel and a small brush. Then, loop the extension through your natural hair and twist both together and tie at the bottom. The finished result is both fun and practical for warmer weather.


Slow version thumb technique for twist hair up👍🏻✨ with green marble French twist clawclip #hairstyling #hairvideo #hairup #minimalstyle #clawclip

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French Twist

To absolutely no one’s surprise, 90s and early 2000s styles continue to thrive. Among these trending looks is the French twist, often held in place with a claw clip — another Y2K staple. It’s an effortless style, but @the_minimal_hair on TikTok shows viewers a special technique to help twist the hair up. First, gather your hair at the nape of your neck before looping it around her thumb. Then, twist the hair a couple of times before securing with a claw clip. This double-pronged one from ASOS should do the trick.


Bubble ponytail ♥️ leave a comment on what hairstyle you want to see next🥰 #hairstyles #hairtutorial #hairstyle #fyp #bestfandom #workdistractions

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Bubble Ponytail

Why wear a regular ponytail when you can wear a bubble ponytail? This style isn’t exactly new, but it’s certainly become a major player among summer 2021 hair trends. A fun spin on a classic style, bubble ponytails are a quick and easy way to amp up your look this summer. TikTok creator @naomi_arbide shared a helpful tutorial breaking down the steps. To get started, all you need are some small rubber bands.

“Do a middle part and section front strands,” Naomi writes in the video’s text caption. “Begin to do a normal ponytail then make your way down,” she says as she adds rubber bands throughout the length of her hair, a few inches apart from each other. As she continues, Naomi creates a hole in each section and loops the rest of her hair through it. For a finishing touch, she pulls each section a bit to add volume and give it the “bubble” effect.

The Box Bob

Sure, a bob hairstyle is a riskier choice come summer, thanks to hot temps and humid air, but that hasn’t stopped a countless number of TikTok users from making the cut. The latest iteration taking over the platform is known as the “box bob,” and the short, blunt style is all about that all about that sexy tousled wave that defines summer. To get the right texture if you don’t have naturally wavy hair, use a hair straightener to create an S-wave; running small sections of hair through the iron, flip your wrist back and forth to create bends as you go.

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