The Best Rowing Machines For Your Home Gym

The best rowing machines for your home gym can be affordable and expensive depending on the one that you get. An average rowing machines cost around $200-$500, while high-end options cost anywhere between $1,000-$2,000. There are some things to know about rowing machines before you make a big purchase. We have provided everything you need to know before moving forward. 

Is A Rowing Machine Good For A Home Gym?

A rowing machine is good if you are trying to build your home gym. The main reason short workouts on a rowing machine are effective is that rowing is a full-body workout. It makes it an excellent addition to a home gym because you won’t need a lot of different machines when you have a rowing machine that works the entire body.

Is rowing a good workout?

Rowing is a good workout because it is a total body workout. It will strengthen your arms, legs, and core. If you start rowing constantly, you will notice that you have become stronger and less out of breath each time you work out. Don’t be surprised when you see muscle gain in your legs and arms. 

What are the benefits of using a rowing machine?

  • Effective Calorie Burner – Rowing machine exercises are gasoline for stored fat. Ten minutes of a rowing machine workout burns 100-200 calories, depending on your body weight, intensity, and resistance used. 
  • Great For The Heart And Lungs – Depending on the reps, sets, and resistance used for the exercises, you sweat and breathe in more oxygen, making your heart work harder to meet the oxygen demands.
  • Low-Impact And Low-Risk Activity – Rowing exercises are great for people with knee joint pain or arthritis. Rowing machine workouts also help have a low risk of injuries.
  • Helps Build Muscle- Rowing exercising helps improve upper body strength and increase endurance. It is said that a rowing machine workout allows people with spinal cord injuries to regain muscle strength.

What are the different types of rowing machines?

  • Water Rowers – They are used to provide resistance when you are rowing. This rower simulates rowing on a boat with how paddles push against the water. 
  • Air Rowers – Air rowers are the most popular and preferred because of their ability to handle infinite resistance for any amount of strength. 
  • Magnetic Rowers – Magnetic rowers have a flywheel that works against a magnetic brake. The resistance is constant, so it won’t change when you pull harder and faster.
  • Hydraulic Rowers – The bars on hydraulic rowers limit you in the direction you can pull, while other rowers with handles are attached to the chains. They are typically small and more affordable than different kinds of rowers.

What are the key features to look for on a rowing machine?

  • Noise Level – It can be important if you’re using a rower in an open space where other people will be or if you live in an apartment and don’t want to disturb your neighbors. 
  • Easy to Maintain – A machine with many detachable parts can be easier to fix since you will only need to replace one broken part. 
  • Easy to Store – Rowers can take up a lot of floor space, so you’ll want to make sure it’s easy to store out of the way when you’re not using it. You don’t want it just hanging around in your living room, taking up so much space. 

Best rowing machines for beginners

If you are new to rowing machines having a beginner-friendly rowing machine makes it easier for you to use when you are working out. These machines are designed so you can have a comfortable and risk-free workout. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine, $87

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The Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine offer twelve levels of resistance that will have your muscles looking toned after using consistently. It has a digital monitor to help you keep track of your progress as you work out. It has comfortable foam padding on the handlebars and seat. That way, your butt doesn’t go numb from the seating not having enough cushion. 

This rower is built to be the highest quality, making it durable and long-lasting so that you will have it for many years. This is a simple beginner rower that will have you thinking you’re an experienced rower every time you work out. It is one of the most straightforward machines you can get and the most affordable. 

JOROTO Magnetic Rowing Machine, $350

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The JOROTO Rowing Machine is designed to be a space saver, so you easily store it away. This rower has ten levels of magnetic resistance that are perfect for a beginner just getting started. The magnetic resistance will make the workout super quiet and smoother each time you row back and forth. 

Taller or more flexible people may only be able to extend their arms partially when their knees are bent before they push off.  If you are taller than 5’7”, we suggest finding a more suitable one because we want to ensure you have all the benefits a rower offers. 

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine, $270

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The Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine has sixteen levels of resistance which means you can go from an easy to a more challenging workout as you get better at rowing. With the resistance, you will be able to feel the burn in your legs and core just after a few minutes of working out. 

It does have built-in wheels, so you can move it to an easy storage place that is out of the way. This machine has a timer and a count of strokes so you can see how long you have been on the rower and how many strokes you did in that certain amount of time. We suggest writing down your stats to see how you improve each time you row. 

Is rowing considered a strength workout?

Rowing isn’t considered a strength workout. It’s more of a cardio workout since it increases heart rate and respiration and raises oxygen. Your respiratory system will start working harder as you breathe faster and more deeply. It will strengthen your posterior chain muscles and core. 

What muscles does a rowing machine work?

  • Quads and Hamstrings – When you are working, you are working your leg muscles, including the quads, calves, and hamstrings. 
  • Glutes – When you row, your hips hinge open as you stroke, which engages the glute muscles. You will feel sore in your lower body the day after rowing. 
  • Lats – Lats muscles are located on your back. When you row, your back sits straighter to pull at your back and lats. 

Best budget rowing machines

Rowing machines can be expensive depending on the brand and model. We have given you the best options you can find that are budget-friendly rowing machines.

Xterra Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine, $228

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The Xterra Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine is designed where it folds up for easy storage. You won’t have to worry about it lying in your living room. It comes with a little monitor to track your time, calories, and the count of how many strokes you do.  

It has eight levels of magnetic resistance now; if you are an extremely fit person, the resistance might be on the low side with this machine. For the average moderately fit person, this rowing machine will still do you more than enough justice. It has padding on the handles and the seat to give you the best possible comfort. 

Sunny Health Magnetic Rowing Machine, $213

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The Sunny Health Magnetic Rowing Machine gives you everything you want for an intense rowing workout in the comfort of your home. It provides a challenge to make it feel like you are rowing outdoors while working out. 

A digital monitor is displayed on this rowing machine to track your fitness goals. The best part is the transportation wheels, so you can quickly move it around and put it away without no heavy lifting that would be a strain on your body. The foam handlebars are great, so calluses don’t start to form on your hands. 

Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine, $200 

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The Fitness Reality Rowing Machine has fourteen resistance levels on all fitness levels. There is enough resistance whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rower with all the levels provided. It is easy to change the levels with just a twist of the knob. 

The best part is that this rower comes with a MyCloudFitness App you can download on your phone and track your distance, calories, and the total strokes you do per minute. The app gives you everything you need to have a healthier life. All you do is answer a few questions on the app, and they will have a personalized program just for you. 

How to use a rowing machine correctly.

This is a step-by-step part of ensuring you have the proper form and use the rowing machine correctly. 

  • Step 1: Sit down on the seat and bend your knees. Find the handle that’s attached to the cord on the machine.
  • Step 2: Look for a flat surface near the bottom of the base where your feet will go, called the footplate. Secure the strap around your shoes. 
  • Step 3: Find the handle attached to the machine’s cord and grip the handle. 
  • Step 4: Once the handle is in your hand, ensure your back and shoulders are straight.
  • Step 5: Push off the footplate using your leg muscles. Extend your legs straight when you push off. When you push off with your legs, you will pull the handle with your arms making them come into your chest. 
  • Step 6: You are going to repeat back to start by sliding back in and bending your knees and pushing up with your legs, and pulling the handle making your arms go in 

Best Foldable Rowing Machines

A foldable rowing machine makes it easy to store away and not have it in the dining room. It is ideal if you live in an apartment because there is only so much space to store it without taking up so much room. 

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine, $1,316 

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The Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine is low impact workout machine. That will target your legs, core, and arms. A little monitor will track your progress as you are working out. It has wireless Bluetooth to connect your heart rate or apps. 

Assembly is simple and should take no more than twenty minutes to put together by following the instructions. The handlebars have padding, but the seat is plastic, and after a long time, your butt can go numb, so we suggest getting some memory foam pads that you can place on the seat. 

MaxKare Rowing Machine, $200

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The MaxKare Rowing Machine has sixteen adjustable resistance levels, where you can change the resistance depending on your workout and what you are looking for. There is a monitor where you can see your time, speed, distance, and calories. Having a monitor and seeing where you finished from when you first started is nice. 

You can fit comfortably on this rowing machine if you are six feet tall. Won’t have to worry about your legs being cramped and not getting a full workout because the machine can’t fit your needs. 

ECHANFIT Magnetic Rowing Machine, $280

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The ECHANFIT Magnetic Rowing Machine is designed to save you sixty percent of space in your home, and you won’t have to worry about it lying around in the living room. Much more space will be available by folding this rowing machine up and just placing it in a corner out of the way.  

It is a smooth rowing machine that doesn’t lock up when you row back and forth. Another plus is that it is a quiet machine. It won’t disturb anyone in the house from waking up; if you live in an apartment, your neighbors won’t hear it through the walls.

Is rowing better than running?

Rowing is better than running because you will build muscle faster than you will when running. When you row, you are working not only your legs but also your arms. When it comes to affordable running would be the best option since a rowing machine can be expensive to purchase.  

Is rowing better than cycling?

Rowing is better than cycling if trying to hit more muscle groups. Cycling only hits the muscles in your legs. They both can be helpful when trying to lose weight. Rowing is the best option if you target more than one muscle group.

Best interactive rowing machines

It is great to have an interactive rowing machine that is smooth while working out. These are the best rowers where it feels so smooth when you move back and forth. 

Hydrow Rower, $2,195

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The Hydrow Rower has a 22-inch touchscreen and speakers that display a beautiful river from your home. This rowing machine has no chains, fan, or water tank. It has an electromagnetic drag mechanism makes it so smooth and silent that you can hear a pin drop while working out. 

The great about this rower is that it has four thousand on-demand workouts, rowing, pilates, and yoga. You will also have access to the entire library of live and on-demand workouts, all on the Hydrow app. You can track your progress and interact with a community with the same machine as you while on the go. 

Nordic Track RW700 Rower, $1,299

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The Nordic Track RW700 Rower has a 10-inch touchscreen that can pivot when you are on or off the rower. This rowing machine will keep track of each time you work out, providing a stat tracking where you see how well you improved over time. You will always have something new to learn with personal trainers that provide you with all the different programs this machine has.

It has a silent magnetic resistance that ensures your rowing will be smooth and quiet. That is what makes a great interactive rowing machine when it is smooth as butter when you are rowing and doesn’t lock up as you are going back and forth. 

Ergatta Rower, $2,499

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The Ergatta Rower is handcrafted from American cherrywood and made in the USA. It is designed to look more like furniture with its sleek design. There is no mechanical sound or feel to give you a smooth and natural feeling when rowing. If you have a sleeping baby in the next room, it isn’t a problem. The water-based whooshing sound will not disturb anyone, including the baby in the house, to wake up. 

It is made for all body types, so if you are 6’8”, you won’t have to worry because this can company all your needs. It has a 17.3 touchscreen where you can work out with trainers or have a video of stimulation as if you are rowing down a river or lake. It will keep track of your stats so you can see how well you do throughout your workouts. 

Should I row every day?

We recommend a rest day between workout days, so you aren’t overdoing it. If you are looking to train and are smart about it, you can row every day, knowing not to overdo it. You will notice muscle gain when you are constantly rowing over time. 

How long should I row for?

You should aim to row for at least 30 minutes per day if you row every day. If you aren’t trying to do it every day, you can do it for 30 minutes, anywhere from 4 to 5 times a week. That is our suggestion, but you can choose what works best for you and your schedule. 

Is a water rowing machine better?

Water rowing machines can be a better option when it comes to noise. They offer a smoother stroke when you pull and push back and forth on the machine. If you like the feeling and sensation of rowing a boat on actual water, the water rowing machine replicates that feeling accurately. 

Best water-resistance rowing machines 

Water- resistance allows you to experience the sound and feel of rowing as if you are outside. The water ones provide a smoother stroke action compared to the other rowers. 

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine, $1,160

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The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is a handcrafted machine replicating the feeling of actual rowing. A little monitor tracks your calories, heart rate, and distance. It has program workouts you can do if you aren’t sure where to start. The monitor isn’t the greatest, but this rowing machine is the best because it works well.  

It can be loud, given that this is a water rowing machine, and you must place water in the container; you will hear the sound of water being moved around. You won’t have to worry if you are tall because it can hold up to 6’3” in height. 

Merax Water Rowing Machine, $579

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The Merax Water Rowing Machine is an exquisite, sleek design making it look fancier than it is. The water tank is this nice aqua-blue color giving you that fancier look. Surprisingly it is not as loud when you are rowing, so if you wanted to, you could put the TV on without putting the volume so high. 

It has this smart digital monitor to watch your time, stroke, heart rate, and calories. You will see how you started to how you finished at the end of your workout. It is easy to move around. You won’t have to worry about straining your body and moving it. 

XTERRA Water Rowing Machine, $399

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The XTERRA Water Rowing Machine is very Zen when using a water rowing machine; it can be soothing and meditative. If you enjoy the sound of water, you will enjoy this machine. It brings you a great full-body workout while also feeling calm as you listen to the water splashing around in the tank. 

A monitor displays the calories, distance, stroke per minute, time, and a clock. The best part is that it has various workouts already programmed for you. If you’re stuck on what to do for a workout, you can try any of the programmed ones and test your ability.

Is a magnetic or air rowing machine better?

Between a magnetic and air rowing machine, the better option would be a magnetic rowing machine if you are looking for something newer. It is higher tech and can control resistance more when you are rowing. It can be on the pricy side, so we suggest looking into it more before settling on a machine. 

Can you lose weight by using a rowing machine?

The rowing machine is proven to be the most effective way to lose weight. By just rowing for 30 minutes, a person can burn between 255 to 369 calories daily. It is the best machine to provide a full-body workout that will increase your chances of losing weight. 

Best High-Tech Rowing Machines

Having the best high-tech rowing machine can be beneficial because they can keep track of more than regular rowing machines with a little monitor attached. 

Strong Series Rower, $2,299

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The Strong Series Rower has a 22-inch rotating touchscreen that allows you to navigate your workouts. You can watch workout videos to help push you to your limit or play a game as you row. You get games, challenges, and programs in one machine to provide an enjoyable workout session.

Another great feature this rowing machine has to offer is the cooling effect. The fan is designed to direct airflow as you are rowing. The fan will start when you row, offering a cooling effect. This machine will provide a comfortable rowing experience when you can adjust the width of your feet and hips to your body type. 

Nordic Track RW900 Rower, $1,799

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The Nordic Track RW900 Rower will provide streaming workouts with the world’s best rowing coaches. With the screen 22-inch touchscreen it comes with, you can row all over the world. It will give you views from pristine lakes to breathtaking rivers. It will make you feel like you’re at different locations it shows on the screen. 

This rowing machine will keep track of each time you work out, providing a stat tracking where you see how well you improved over time. You will always have something new to learn with personal trainers that provide you with all the different programs this machine has. Each trainer comes from various backgrounds, making it a unique learning experience each time you row. 

Impact Series Rower, $1,999

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The Impact Series Rower not only has a 22-inch touchscreen but is also equipped with speakers and a front-facing camera to capture your victory workout at the end. It has four wheels to move around quickly, is light enough to maneuver with one hand, and is designed to fold up to help save space in your home. 

This rowing machine is designed to end boring workouts and to challenge you with five hundred workouts across eight diverse categories. You won’t have to worry about your workouts being the same each time when you can change them up each time, making them more enjoyable. 

Can you build muscle with a rowing machine?

Yes, you can build muscle with a rowing machine. A rowing machine engages in all your major muscle groups. The groups you will those muscles strengthen are arms, legs, core, and back. Rowing gives the upper and lower back muscles an excellent workout. You will have to use the rowing machine constantly to build the muscle you are looking for. 

Best rowing machines overall

We have listed the best rowing machines you could get. They all are different from one another and have their perks and benefits that make them the best. 

Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine, $1,558

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The Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine is a machine you can separate into two parts, making it easy to store. It has wheels on the front foot that allows you to roll easily when you store away. It is quieter than expected, making it a plus, so you don’t disturb neighbors or anyone else in the house. 

It has a monitor to track your calories, the number of rows, distance, and time. It has a USB flash drive inserter to insert a USB and store your workout data. You can see your improvement over time as you store away your data from each of your workouts. 

Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine, $1,695

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The Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine is a machine that has workouts led by world-class Athletes. The electromagnetic technology makes every row mimics the feel of rowing on the water. You can get a monthly membership separately that opens various workout possibilities that can be on and off the rower. 

This rowing machine features a 16-inch touchscreen with speakers that will give you a fantastic experience. You can pair your devices to the built-in Bluetooth and play your music straight from the machine’s speakers. You can access their library of thousands of rowing and off-the-mat workouts that will display on the screen. There are unguided rowing workouts that you will be able to do on your schedule. 

LifeSpan RW1000 Rowing Machine, $549

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The LifeSpan RW1000 Rowing Machine delivers five levels of adjustable resistance. It is an ideal rower for your at-home gym. It is virtually silent, giving you a quiet workout while still providing a physically demanding workout even though it is ultra-quiet.

A small monitor reads distance, time, calories, and stroke count, giving you all the necessary information. It is a perfect rowing machine because it folds up to save space that doesn’t require any tools to fold up. Once you have it folded, it is easy to roll on the wheels and move it for easy storage. 

Which rowing machine is the quietest?

The magnetic rowing machine is the most the quiet out of all four different types of machines. You won’t have to worry about it bothering other people in the house or your neighbors if you live in an apartment. It is quiet that if you like to work out early, it won’t disturb anyone from waking up when they are sleeping. 

Which is the right rowing machine for you?

The right rowing machine for you is based on the ones that will deliver the results you are looking for. We have listed everything you need to know, from the different types of rowing machines to the best rowing machine. All you need to do now is figure out which would be best for you and what you are looking for. 

Is A Rowing Machine Worth It?

The rowing machine has many benefits to it that make it worth it. The fact that it is a machine that works out the whole body is the main factor in it. If you know you will be working out consistently and using it, the rowing machine can be worth it. 

Some rowing machines with bigger touchscreen offer workouts you can do off the machine just as well. You get so much from just one machine that it is worth purchasing the higher-end ones that come with a touchscreen.