The internet is lush with too-good-to-be-true hacks, how-to videos, product reviews, and a mighty supply of intriguing beauty trends. When it comes to skincare and makeup, TikTok is especially good at inspiring us to step outside of our comfy boxes to try something new. So, if you’re craving a bit of beauty inspiration, try one of these four TikTok beauty trends we’re totally obsessed with, and then cringe over a couple you should never try.

Tiktok Beauty Trends Worth Trying


GAME CHANGER!!!! @Maybelline New York fit me 340

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Applying Foundation with Quartz or Jade Rollers

If you didn’t think the internet could come up with yet another way to apply foundation, you’d be incorrect. People are now using quartz and jade beauty rollers to achieve a near-flawless finish. Sounds suspect at first, but the proof is in the TikTok videos. People say the technique evenly distributes their foundation, uses less product, and creates better coverage. Also, the coolness of the stone soothes, decreases puffiness, and can even minimize the look of pores.

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Wearing Purple Blush

The blush spectrum, which typically ranges from pale pink to rosy red, can sometimes feel a bit stifling. Leave it to TikTok beauty babes to shake things up with purple blush. Even though it may sound clownish, purple is a surprisingly flattering hue on many different skin tones as it adds instant warmth and dimension. Blending is key, though, so take note from the many makeup artists on app.


Recreando mi 1er video viral pq ya pasó 1 año 🤪 #makeuptutorial #makeup #fypp #tissuemakeup

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Applying Artsy Eyeshadow with Crumpled Tissue Paper

Get ready to pull a Bob Ross on your eyelids. This TikTok beauty hack went viral because it’s absolutely gorgeous and super simple to pull off. Simply crumple some tissue paper, dip it in your shadow, then press onto your lid for a cool effect. You can try this technique with a bold spectrum of colors, as seen in the video above, or use your go-to palette of neutrals. Happy little eyelids, indeed.

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Sporting Faux Freckles That Look Like the Real Thing

Can you believe there was a time when all people wanted to do was hide their freckles? Now, it’s a beacon of natural beauty! TikTok figured out how to fake the look without making it seem like you’d drawn a bunch of dots on your face. The trick is to strategically apply dots of Maybelline Brow Tattoo and then gently blend away.

Using Ice On Your Face

Using ice to reduce puffiness and swelling is nothing new, but TikTok users are shedding new light on the age-old skincare hack. A number of videos show people touting additional benefits of “skin icing,” also known as ice facials, including controlling oil, reducing acne, lessening the look of wrinkles, and boosting glow. While the effects are temporary, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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Two TikTok Trends to Avoid

While the above TikTok beauty trends earn a green light, there are plenty of trends experts caution against. You should definitely steer clear of the two below.


Reply to @bebsurino answering a couple questions. I like the way they curl from the root up this way so that’s why I do it 💓 & it feels less rough on the lashes #mascarahack #fyp #makeup

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Blow Drying Your Lashes

Not only does a blow dryer aimed straight at your eyes sound absolutely terrifying, it is also potentially dangerous. The goal is to curl your lashes with the heat, but doctors are warning against this one since it can lead to serious dryness or burns. Without enough moisture, eyes can get red, irritated, and “gritty” feeling. It can even cause issues like corneal abrasions or infections. Bottom line: Don’t mess with your eyes.

Doing Facials with Live Snails

While snail mucous has been firmly established as an excellent skincare ingredient, applying actual living snails to your face is just a terrible idea. First of all, it’s not going to pack the same benefits as a carefully formulated product. Second, snails are known to carry parasitic diseases. Please just say no to this.

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