Sometimes it’s time for some new clothes. And sometimes, though hopefully not nearly as often, it’s time for something new to help keep those clothes clean—aka time to do away with your old washer and dryer and invest in a new one.

If the time has come for you to do so, it’s important that you take the time to figure out what kind of washer/dryer you want to purchase. It’s an investment in a crucial appliance for your home that you’ll be using for years to come, and maybe even longer than the coming decade.

If you’re starting to search for a new washer/dryer, here are five questions to consider as you begin looking for one that you’ll really love. One model you may specifically want to consider is the space-saving but high performing LG Studio WashTower™, LG’s biggest and best vertical laundry solution.

What features does it have that you want or need to keep your clothing clean?

It goes without saying that a washer and dryer are worth pretty much nothing if they’re not going to adequately clean your clothes and materials, and then dry them in a timely manner that works well for you. So, when you’re researching different options, make sure you check out some reviews from others who have used the machine.

You’ll also want to be familiar with its features and capabilities, whether that be an effective quick wash setting, stain removal capabilities, delicate dry or anything you’re looking for in between, so you’ll be sure to purchase a set that fits your wants and needs.

The LG Studio WashTower delivers advanced cleaning performance with features that power through larger loads in less time, along with the Allergiene wash cycle that uses the power of steam to remove common household allergens in fabrics by more than 95 percent1.

LG Studio Washtower
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How “smart” is the machine?

Many washers and dryers on the market come with smart technological features that improve the laundry process and make it easier on you, so you may as well take advantage of these innovations. They help save you time and effort, often taking the guesswork out of your laundry settings, and even enabling you to control your washer/dryer from wherever you are, as long as you have your smartphone.

The LG STUDIO WashTower has built-in sensors that actually use artificial intelligence to detect fabric texture and load size, then it automatically selects the right wash/dry motions, temperatures, and detergent amount for a clean wash and more advanced fabric care. It even has a feature called Smart Pairing, where the washer tells the dryer to perform a drying cycle compatible with the load it’s cleaning.

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LG Studio Washtower
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Will the washer/dryer fit in your space?

The last thing you want is to invest in a washer/dryer only to find that it won’t fit where you want or need it to. So you’ll want to do your due diligence with measurements before you ultimately make a purchasing decision.

The LG STUDIO WashTower is a vertical laundry solution that gives you everything you want and need in half the space2, so it’ll fit just fine wherever you need it to, and can even free up some space, enabling you to add items like a sink or folding table to your laundry room or laundry area. Also, Center Control™ keeps the control panel for both washer and dryer functions within easy reach; it’s the space saving design of a stack, without the frustrating reach.

LG Studio Washtower
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Is it going to be out in the open?

If they’re out in the open, some washer/dryers can be eye sores or a distraction from the aesthetics you’re going for in your home. So if yours is going to be placed in an area that you’ll be seeing every day, and that guests will be seeing as well, you might want to think about going for an option that’s easy on the eyes.

The LG STUDIO WashTower doesn’t just work well. It also looks good. It has tempered glass doors for a sleek and stylish look, and it has chrome door trim and matching control knob to make it look premium and fit in with your other appliances and decor.


Is it environmentally friendly?

We all have a duty to try to find ways to promote sustainability and reduce our environmental footprints, and choosing the right washer/dryer can help with that. And if it’s saving water and energy, it’ll also help you shave some money off your bills.

The high-efficiency LG STUDIO WashTower uses less water and energy than a conventional washer, and its load-sensing technology adjusts water levels and wash times automatically. Then, when it comes to drying, it uses efficient sensor drying and low-heat settings to save time and money.

1Based on certification by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) 
2Half the functional floor space.

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