Some people were just born with fire in their veins, and some cultures even tend to be more fiery than others. But the time of year you were born may have more responsible for igniting that fire than you realize. There are some zodiac signs that can fight (and will!).

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Knowing which signs these are might help explain you’re clashing with someone in your life.

Zodiac Signs That Can Fight (and Will!)


Arians can be very argumentative and will get straight to the point. They also do not give up easily. Something they can learn to help them with this is to simply pause and count to 10 before responding.


The Taurus sign is a lion. Need we say more? They are notorious for stonewalling. The best thing they can do is to try to take ownership of their own behavior.


Geminis tend to be tricksters and can come across as manipulative. The best thing they can do is to work on clear and concise communication.

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Capricorns often come across as dismissive and righteous. Its not so much that they are fighters, its just that they will flat out ignore you. In order to get along with others, a Capricorn might sometimes need to admit that they are not always right.


Sagittarius loves to have the last word, so arguing with one can go on for hours. If they just take the time to listen, then dealings with other people might move along a lot faster.


An Aquarius is a hard one to fight because they are very literal. If they work on expanding their understanding of others, they just might stand a chance at having wonderful relationships.

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A Scorpio will fight you to the death. If you are ever involved in a fight with a Scorpio things could get a little intense. If you can work with the Scorpio on being more forthcoming and kind issues can be resolved without all the drama.


A Virgo will fight you more on a mental level than a physical. They will ask a million questions until they have either proven their point to you or you just throw your hands in the air and give up. If a Virgo can slow down and concentrate on what they are trying to say and do so in a respectful manner, they will be able to get their point across better.


Cancers are emotional people, and a fight with them can get out of hand very quickly. When approaching a Cancer, you have to let them know that what you are saying is not anything personally against them, otherwise you are in for a world of hurt.


Pisces do not like confrontation. They will usually run and hide before they have to face something. When backed into a corner though they will turn into a wild animal trying to escape, which means you might get hurt. If they can work on better coping skills, they will be able to address situations before they get to far out of hand.

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Now you know the zodiac signs that can fight (and will!) so you might better understand the most combative of family and friends in your life.

Overall, each sign can benefit from self help and understanding. It is always good to look within and better ourselves. Socializing and working with others is a wonderful way to get to know many types of people and how to get along with everyone. If it ever does come to blows, you will have the knowledge you need to deescalate the situation.

Our best advice would be to always use compassion. You never know what someone is going through presently or what they’ve been through in the past to make them who they are today.

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