13 Best Winter Running Jackets for Women

If you live in a state where winters can be rough, or you are traveling somewhere cold, we have the best winter running jackets that will keep you warm when you want to be active. It’s important to get the right gear for the changing seasons, so that your training doesn’t suffer or slow down. You can’t go wrong with any of the choices we listed. 

What Gear Do Runners Need for Running in the Winter?

The best gear runners need for when they are running in winter would-be gloves, running tights, warm socks, a beanie, a jacket, and shoes that have good traction if it is slippery outside. You want to ensure you bundle up well depending on the temperature outside. However, you also don’t want to be too bundled up to the point where you can’t run. Some clothes have a wool layer on the inside but are very light, so it doesn’t weigh you down while running. This is a great option to keep you moving.

What Kinds of Winter Running Jackets Are There?

Most winter jackets are made from fleece, nylon, or polyester. Some jackets have wool on the inside to keep you nice and toasty, especially if you live where it seems to be cold half of the year. It is best to have options, so that you can layer up, but also feel agile and comfortable.

Why Is a Good Winter Running Jacket Important?

A good winter running jacket is important because temperatures are constantly going up and down and you need to keep warm outside. It’s also important to make sure you don’t get too cold where your health is in danger or you have to stop running. Winter running jackets are made to keep you warm, but do not overheat your body based on the fabric used.  They are designed to keep you comfortable, regulated, and insulated around your core where you need the warmth the most.

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How Much Can a Good Quality Running Jacket Cost?

A good quality running jacket could cost anywhere from $120 to $600, depending on the brand you are getting and what you look for in a jacket. What makes the cost vary so much is what the fabric is made of. The more expensive it is, the more durable and long-lasting it will be. If you get a jacket at a lower cost, it might not last as long as you want if you are constantly using it. We suggest having more than one winter running jacket so you can rotate between them and you won’t wear one out too quickly.

Does Wearing a Jacket While Running Slow You Down or Make It Harder to Run?

Wearing a jacket that was not made for running can slow you down. That’s why it’s so important to get one that lets you move properly without sacrificing effectiveness. The jackets we share below are considered winter gear because you can run in them and still be warm, but they don’t slow you down or make it harder to run.

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Best Lightweight Running Jackets for the Cold

If you are looking for the best lightweight jackets that won’t weigh you down but will still keep you warm when it is cold, we have found the top three for you.

1. Nathan Stealth Jacket, $90 (on sale for $72)

Best Lightweight Running Jackets for the Cold
Credit – nathansports.com

The Nathan Stealth Jacket is the quietest running jacket you will not hear anything from it no matter how much you run. The stealth jacket is lightweight, so it will not drag you down while you are running. It has reflective highlights that will be seen when you are running if you like to run early in the morning or at night when it’s dark outside. This is a great safety feature that this jacket offers.

2. Brooks Carbonite Jacket, $180

Best Lightweight Running Jackets for the Cold
Credit – fleetfeet.com

The Brooks Carbonite Jacket is a lightweight, breathable jacket with fabric that resists the wind while running. There are two zipper pockets where you can put your keys, cards, or phone, which is great because you’ll need them out of the way. It has a reflective fabric that will help drivers recognize you while running in the dark.

3. Houdini Pace Wind Jacket, $190 

Best Lightweight Running Jackets for the Cold
Credit – houdinisportswear.com

For a higher cost, the Houdini Pace Wind Jacket is an ultra-lightweight jacket for high-intensity training, running, and cycling. It keeps you warm during the winter but doesn’t feel heavy. It has a very sleek look, which makes this jacket popular among runners. The entire jacket is recyclable even when it is worn out, which is a great feature if you want to invest in environment-friendly brands. You would just return it to Houdini whether it be in the mail or at their stores. 

Best Running Jackets for Rain, Snow, or Wind

The best winter running jackets also have to factor in rain, snow, or wind, so these three are specifically geared towards inclement weather.

1. Under Armour UA Meridian Jacket, $85 (on sale for $34) 

Best Running Jackets For Rain, Snow, or Wind

The Under Armour UA Meridian Jacket has a four-way stretch material, so it’s extremely flexible and comfortable on the body. The fabric dries up sweat quickly, so you don’t feel too hot when running. This feature is also perfect if it rains or snows because the fabric is meant to absorb that wet feeling from your body. The sleeves have built-in thumbholes to help trap the heat and warm your arms making this a great winter option.

2. Brooks Canopy Jacket, $120 (on sale for $88) 

Best Running Jackets For Rain, Snow, or Wind
Credit – rei.com

The Brooks Canopy Jacket is designed with a breathable seal fabric that will help with wind and water resistance. It has the look of a more traditional windbreaker, but it also has a hood if you need to protect your head if the weather changes while you are running. There are hand and chest pockets to hold your items and it’s definitely an affordable option that you can get on sale.

3. New Balance Reflective Impact Run Jacket, $175 

Best Running Jackets For Rain, Snow, or Wind
Credit – rei.com

The New Balance Reflective Impact Run Jacket has NB Heat technology, keeping you warm while also keeping moisture away. It is a slim fit built to skim your chest, hips, and waist but is not too tight so that you feel suffocated in it. The reviews are very positive on this jacket as women find it functional and flattering. It is perfect for running and will protect you from any damp weather outside.

Best Winter Running Jackets for Traveling  

Next, we will list the best running jackets that you can travel with that don’t take up too much room in your suitcase. This is great if you’re planning to run or hike in a new place that has colder temperatures. These three jackets are perfect even if you just want to go explore.

1. Athleta Inlet Jacket, $199 

Best Winter Jacket for Traveling  
Credit -athleta.gap.co

The Athleta Inlet Jacket has a removable hood, so you can choose if you want to wear the hood or not. This is also a great packing option if you think the hood is too much to fit in your suitcase. It’s a very warm, padded jacket, but it’s definitely not bulky. It has wind-resistant fabric to help with different wind conditions. There are thumbholes on the sleeves to help lock in the heat and keep any wind from getting in through the sleeves. 

2. Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket, $240 (on sale for $168)

Best Winter Jacket for Traveling  
Credit – backcountry.com

The Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket has zips inside the jacket so you can keep your belongings close for storing away while you are running. It has two zip-up pockets outside if you want to place your hands to keep them warm or have more things to carry. It is the best for traveling because you can easily pack it and it won’t take half your luggage. Alternatively, you can wear it on the plane or however you are traveling while still being warm and comfortable. Not to mention you’ll have the ability to move easily with your luggage, which is why it is also easy to run in.

3. Arc’teryx BETA AR JACKET, $600 

Best Winter Jacket for Traveling  
Credit – arcteryx.com

This jacket is definitely on the higher end of our price range. However, the Arc’teryx BETA AR JACKET is an extremely durable and waterproof jacket that will protect you if it snows while you’re running. It comes with a hood, so you can put it on and tighten the strings to protect yourself from getting wet. It has deep pockets that zip up, which is perfect for carrying any of your items while jogging. If you live in a state where the winters get pretty cold and wet, this is a very safe bet because of its high performance technology.

Best Winter Running Jacket for the Price

best winter running jacket for the price
Credit – amazon.com

After looking at a bunch of great winter running jackets, we’ve determined the best one for the price. BALEAF Women’s Insulated Running Jacket is just $44, which is extremely affordable given the range of prices we’ve seen. It is made to keep you warm with the soft fleece that is layered inside. It comes in four different colors and you can ship it to your house from Amazon, making it an easy find.

Best Overall Running Jacket Brand

Based on our research, we have found the best three overall brands for winter running jackets that you can get. One of these brands should be added to your winter clothes because of their quality and notoriety. 

1. Athleta Run With It Jacket, $129 

Best Overall Winter Jacket Brand
Credit -athleta.gap.com

The Athleta Run With It Jacket is made for long-distance, short-distance, or trail running. It is made from recycled polyesters and plastic water bottles to help bring awareness to the world on recycling. Athleta has established itself as a great work out brand, so you know the clothing you’re buying is quality. It is a great jacket to layer when you are running outside in the running. 

2. North Face Apex Bionic Jacket, $149 

Best Overall Winter Jacket Brand
Credit – thenorthface.com

Another brand worth noting is North Face, which has been known for its winter apparel for years. The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket has three zipper pockets, which makes it convenient to carry anything you need during a run. It zips all the way to the chin, so you won’t feel any cold air coming in through the neck area. It will keep you warm, especially in the area where you need it the most in the winter, your core.

3. Lululemon Another Mile Jacket, $228 

Best Overall Winter Jacket Brand
Credit – shop.lululemon.com

Last, but not least, the Lululemon Another Mile Jacket is designed for running. It is made with a four-way stretch, so you don’t feel suffocated, and it has a breathable fleece fabric. You can tell from the image that the core of this jacket has padding for warmth where as the sleeves are a bit more thin, which will help you stay warm, but you will not overheat either. It has a hood if you want to protect your head from the cold or snow in the winter.

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Which Jacket Should I Get?

With 13 different options total, it can be hard to determine which winter running jacket is right for you. We suggest you set a budget with yourself first and then also consider your home conditions. Some of these jackets are better for wet climates whereas others are good for brisk cold and wind. Once you narrow these factors down, you’ll be able to select the best winter running jacket for your needs.

If you live in a state where the winters can be pretty harsh, that shouldn’t stop you from running. The most important thing is having the right gear, so we suggest you invest in one of these winter jackets and they will help you achieve your goals while staying warm.