Best Massage Guns For Targeted Home Relief

When investing in one of the best massage guns, don’t pick up whichever model is on sale. It would be best to examine your needs first and see which model fits best. If you work on your feet all day or spend hours hunched over a computer, massage gun vibrations can help release any muscle knots or stiffness you may experience. 

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What is a massage gun, and how does it work?

A massage gun is a handheld device that repeatedly strikes the body in a pattern as if it was giving a massage. Some massage guns have different attachments that target specific muscles you want to hit. Smaller and narrow attachments will work better with feet, hands, and calves. At the same time, the rounder and wider attachments work well on larger areas of your body, like quads, glutes, and hamstrings. 

A massage gun works by quickly and repeatedly punching the body at different speeds, which will help release knots. It increases blood flow and will bring more vital nutrients into your body so you can move to recovery faster. 

Do massage guns really work?

Massage guns can work depending on the person and the massage gun they are using. A large part of a massage gun’s effectiveness comes from the actual massage gun and the model you’re using. Massage guns can help with muscle recovery, mobility, range of motion, and pain relief, but it is not a blanket solution for every musculoskeletal problem that you might have. 

They help relieve some of the pain, but it is not always long-term. It just enables you to relieve any pain at that moment. You need to know how to use a massage gun correctly, so you don’t cause long-term damage to your body. 

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Do doctors recommend massage guns?

A physical therapy Doctor has said that massage guns are helpful recovery tools. It is not recommended to use if you are experiencing persistent muscle discomfort or pain. This article from Houston Methodist Leading Medicine states that if you are in pain, you should see a doctor before you use a massage gun and cause more damage to yourself. Your pain can be the source of something more serious than you might think. It is best to see a doctor beforehand they might recommend using a massage gun based on what might be happening. 

Who should use a massage gun?

A massage gun is suitable for athletes such as footballers, basketball players, soccer players, and any athlete that puts a strain on their body. It is designed for anyone but is most popular in the athlete world. If you work out and want something to relieve the tension from your sore muscles, a massage gun would work and help you relieve the tension. 

Is a massage gun better than a regular massage?

A massage gun is more affordable than regular massages, but it doesn’t make it better than a person giving you a massage. With a traditional massage, a person can hit all the spots needed, especially on your back which you can’t reach easily, with a massage gun. It is not said which one is better but personally would think a professional massage therapist using a massage gun would be better because they know what to do with a massage gun. They can hit all the knots you have, whether on your back or legs. They know the right amount of pressure and speed of the gun so that you won’t be in pain afterward.

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Do massage guns get rid of knots?

A massage gun can get rid of most knots that are in a particular area. They are effective at treating knots that may be in your shoulders. They might not work out all the knots you have on your back if you can’t reach them or if the gun isn’t used properly. The massage gun can work out the knots in the areas you can reach. You can save the areas you can’t reach for someone else to do it for you. 

Do massage guns help with arthritis?

There are benefits to using a massage gun when you have arthritis. 

  • It helps improve blood flow around stiff areas or inflamed areas. 
  • It can reduce swelling and offer relief from pain. It will improve your mobility.
  • It can support therapy and provide a speedy recovery. 

It might help arthritis, but it’s not going to cure arthritis. It will relieve the pain for a certain amount of time. Massage gun provides a convenient way to get a massage done on areas with arthritis without having to get a massage done and paying so much money each time. 

What To Consider When Buying a Massage Gun

  • Massage Gun Power – You want to know how fast the massage gun goes and if it will do you justice when working out the knots you need. Some people like it very soft and gentle, while others prefer a more brutal beating of the muscles. Choosing a massage gun with variable speeds allows you to select the pace that works for you. Having multiple options gives you a choice of how gentle you want it to be or how faster you want it to work out those knots. 
  • Portability – It is nice to have a massage gun that is easy to travel with, whether to the gym or with you to work. Many massage guns weigh no more than 2.5 pounds. If it were anymore, it would just be a hassle to take anywhere. 
  • Design – Small details like design are important, like the placement of handles and where the power button is and can help you choose what kind of massage gun you want to purchase. 
  • Battery Life – Having a lot of battery life in a massage gun ensures it doesn’t cut off just after a short time. There are great massage guns that last up to 8 hours if used on low. 

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Best Massage Guns On Amazon

We got the best massage guns you can get on amazon. Each one of these guns will meet any of your standards on what you will need for an excellent massage gun.

Theragun Prime Massage Gun, $198 

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The Theragun Prime Massage Gun is the best brand used by physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, and athletes. It is developed by scientists at Theragun to help ease pain and take the tension away with percussion therapy. This massage gun has four attachments and five levels of speed. It is great that it is ultra-quiet, so if you want to watch TV, you can use the massage gun and not be annoyed by the sound while listening. 

It is an excellent massage gun compared to the smaller ones that are cheaper. In some cases, purchasing a more expensive product is best to get the most use out of it. It is worth checking out and seeing if this is the right massage gun to fit your needs. 

TOLOCO Massage Gun, $65.57

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The TOLOCO Massage Gun is an effective muscle reliever. It helps promote blood circulation by providing a deep tissue massage at your fingertips. It has seven-speed levels with fifteen different massage heads. It is lightweight and comes with a carry case for easy travel. 

It is on the list of the best massage gun on amazon because of its price and how many massage heads are provided. Most massage guns usually only carry six massage pieces. This is best for people wanting to start with something that is easy to use and doesn’t give you any trouble putting together. It is worth checking whether you’re a beginner to a massage gun or an athlete. 

Ekrin Athletics Massage Gun, $230 

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The Ekrin Athletics Massage Gun is a massage gun made for elite athletes who work out every day and need to massage those sore muscles. It is on the list for being able to reach ninety percent of your body without having any help from another person. 

It has five different speeds and four different attachment designs to help with other parts of your body. It is a powerful tool that is quiet noise when using, so it is not loud if you are using it at the gym or trying to listen to music or watch TV. It has up to eight hours of battery life so it won’t die right after use, and you can expect it to last long after a complete charge.

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Can you use a massage gun every day?

It would be best if you only used a massage gun for about ten to thirty seconds at each location. You can use it every day, but if you do it for under two minutes, you don‘t cause more damage or bruises to any of your muscles. There’s no limit to how often you should use a massage gun across the body; keep it moving to avoid skin discomfort. Massage guns are generally safe to use daily, but you should always check with your doctor to be safe.

Best Value Massage Guns

We have gathered the best value in massage guns if you are looking for an affordable massage gun but want to ensure that you’re still getting the best of the best at a great price. 

Naipo Mini Massage Gun, $60 

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The Naipo Massage Gun is designed for everyone, whether you use it at the gym, office, or home. It has five different levels of speed and comes with four different attachments. Each attachment is other from using on different parts of your body.

  • The standard head is for large muscle groups, like your arms, legs, calves, back, and hips. 
  • The bullet head is for the palms, planters, joints, and trigger points 
  • The flat head is for all muscle groups for relaxation and body shaping
  • The U-shaped head is for the neck, spine, and Achilles tendons.

Using this massage gun just for a few minutes a day will help relieve some pain in the sore areas. Physical therapists recommend this because it is not only affordable, but it is easy to use.

MaxKare Massage Gun, $87

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The MaxKare Massage Gun is best for athletes trying to find the best massage gun for the best value. There are five different speeds you can use with six various attachments to use. It has the best long-lasting battery life with 60 days lasting. The battery of the 6-packed combination lasts 20 hours. With the MaxKare special charger, the portable massage gun only needs 3 hours to charge fully. 

Your friends and family will want one for themselves when they see how much it will relieve your sore muscles. At the price that it is at, your friends and family will be running to purchase it for themselves. 

Xgody Massage Gun, $40 

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The Xgody Massage Gun is best suited for athletes to help accelerate warm-up or recovery after a workout. You can go through twenty speeds, along with five different attachments. This massage gun work for up to eight hours after a full charge. 

It is ultra-quiet, so you want to use it while everyone is sleeping. It has a super powerful low-noise motor so that no one will notice. It is suitable for pre-gym muscle workouts, relaxing stiff muscles, or daily massages. It is the most affordable one out of the three options we have provided.

How to use a massage gun?

The best way to use a massage gun is to go over the directions and ensure you know everything you need about the massage gun. Here is our step-by-step on how to use a massager. 

  • Turn on the device – Most massage guns have just a single button to turn them on. Make sure to have your choice of massage head attached, then press the button to turn it on.
  • Choose the desired intensity – Start with the lowest speed to see how each speed gradually increases, and you can choose the best speed that fits you best for your muscles. 
  • Point the head at the muscle – Once you find the speed, point it at the muscle and start slowly moving the head around the muscle. Do not press the gun hand down too hard to be painful. Press gently down to feel the vibration on your strengths and go from there. 

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Best Massage Guns For Runners

Runners need the best massage guns for their legs to be able to work out the muscles after their run. Runners’ legs will be sore after a long run and they need something to work out those muscles. 

HoMedics Pro Series II Percussion Massage Gun, $120 

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The HoMedics Massage Gun is great to use if you want to increase motion in your legs, ease tension or soreness, and delay any muscle stiffness. If you are a runner, we suggest using it before your workout to warm your muscles up for a good run. 

When you return, you can use it as a recovery tool to work out sore muscles after a run. It has six different attachments that will work every body part. We suggest reading about each piece, so you know which attachment to use and don’t use the wrong one on a body part you shouldn’t use.

MuscleGun Carbon Muscle Massage Gun, $200

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The MuscleGun Carbon Muscle Massage Gun is great for runners because it helps muscle recovery and increases blood circulation with a deep tissue massage. The best thing it has is a voice-guided app that will help guide you through muscle massages, so you know exactly what to do. 

With just one hour of recharging time, you will have five hours of use. The five power settings and four attachments can give any muscle a gentle warm-up or a rigorous post-workout massage. The unit feels great in the hands, is comfortable to use, well-built and quiet. It only takes 2 minutes per muscle to give an effective pre- or post-workout massage.

Coimath Muscle Massage Gun, $140 

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The Coimath Muscle Massage Gun has thirty different speeds; the best part is that it has eighteen hours of battery life. This is great to use to help if you suffer from neck tension and shoulder blade tension, or calf swelling. 

Great for runners who want to take it to the gym and work out any muscles before running on the treadmill. All a family needs is a massage gun to solve a family’s muscular exhaustion. It helps activate muscles quickly during the warm-up, relax tight muscles after a workout, relieve soreness, and accelerate muscle recovery.

Where Should You Not Use A Massage Gun?

It would be best not to use a massage gun in some regions of your body. Avoid using the massage gun on the front of the neck, spine, kidneys, knees, elbows, and ankles to prevent any damage or injury to your body. The reason behind avoiding these areas is that using a massage gun can cause bruises, wounds, and damage to the area on the inside. 

Never use it on injuries because it can cause more damage to the injury and you want a speedy recovery. Therefore, you should avoid using a massage gun until you know more about them and have done all your research beforehand.  

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Best Massage Guns For Travel

Having the best massage gun to travel with is key if you are an athlete and are always on the go. It is great to have options and find the best one that can fit your needs. 

Ekrin Athletics Bantam Mini Massage Gun, $150

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The Ekrin Athletics Bantam Mini Massage Gun is designed to provide a grip that will allow you to reach 90% of the body. It has four attachments that work for different parts of your body. It has three different speeds to work with, from your gentle speed to the more intense speed. It’s lightweight and small, which makes it a perfect fit for traveling. 

This mini massage gun packs a punch and is well-designed. It’s easy to use and comes with a nice travel case, so you can put everything in one bag and know where everything is. This massager delivers powerful vibration and percussion without the loud noise of other athletic recovery devices.

Theragun Mini Handheld Electric Massage Gun, $199

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The Theragun Mini Massage Gun offers all the benefits of handheld percussion therapy in a convenient pocket size. The Mini strikes a unique balance between power and portability. Cramps and knots are quickly resolved everywhere you go.

This little handheld massage gun vibrator is super easy to use and packs a punch. Very handy and helps massage my neck and shoulders. It is easy to use for anybody and is small and portable, which is great for travelers. It doesn’t come with more attachments as others do. Their just one attachment for this massage gun, and that’s all you need to get out those sore muscles. 

Recoverfun Massage Gun Mini, $79

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The Recoverfun Massage Gun is the most affordable of all three travel massage guns. It comes with four adjustable heads, each one different than the next. It has five hours’ worth of battery life from just an hour and a half of being charged. 

This is the best gun massage for people who travel consistently and athletes who are always on the road. It does get warm, so in between massaging each muscle group, give it a break for a few minutes to let it rest. If you are dealing with aches and pain, this tiny thing can work them all out. 

What is a Massage Gun Recommended By Experts? 

There are two different massage guns that experts are recommending that NBA and NFL players use. The NFL and NBA athletes use the Hypervolt 2 Pro. Hyperice has also made moves with NFL players and recruited some of them as its ambassadors in the league. 

While MLB athletes and chiropractors tend to use the Theragun, this percussion massage gun is a unique way to loosen up muscles, improve the range of motion, and reduce inflammation. We recommend looking at each massage gun, writing a pro and con list compared to one another, and seeing which one is best for you. 

How Do You Know If A Massage Gun Is Good?

To know that you are purchasing a good massage gun, there are more pros than cons. You want to consider the speed, amplitude, attachments, length of stay charged, and design. You might not think the design matters but the way you hold the massage gun matters so you can reach every area needed without needing another person’s assistance.

As long as the massage gun meets your needs, it is good. Everyone is different and has the things they want regarding a massage gun. We suggest putting together a list of what you want in a massage gun and going from there when searching. 

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Best Heated Massage Guns

A heat massage gun is a very effective therapy that will not only soothe your muscles but also significantly reduce pain. It will improve blood circulation to the affected area and hugely increases muscle flexibility; you won’t even believe it. 

Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun, $60 

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The Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun is suitable for beginners, gym goers, athletes, and physical therapists. The handle is better for gripping because it prevents it from slipping from your hands. There are six different speeds with eight various attachments to use from. 

The heating head is great to use when you have inflamed muscles. You would only use the heating head when using the heating mode of the massage gun. It can be helpful for physical therapists working on a patient trying to recover from inflamed muscles. 

Bob and Brad X6 Pro Massage Gun, $150 

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The Bob and Brad X6 Massage Gun is named after physical therapists who developted it. It has five speeds and comes with five attachments. When you are using it has a ten-minute auto shut-off to prevent it from overheating. It is extremely quiet because of the brushless motor and noise-reduction technology featured in this massage gun. 

This massage gun not only comes with a heating attachment but also has the feature of cool therapy. The heat is to help accelerate blood flow and the cool therapy is to help eliminate swelling. You can use the same attachment for both features. You can use heat and cool treatment for the metal head. It can be a bit aggressive, so only use it when using this feature when you need it most. 

KANVIKAM Massage Gun, $100 

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The KANVIKAM Massage Gun has eight attachments and lasts up to 18 hours after just three hours of charging. The heat head temperature accelerates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and releases pressure on the area. A cold head can quickly relieve muscle soreness, pain, and discomfort. You will need to put the cold head attachment in the refrigerator for an extended period to get the cold benefits when using it. 

The item works better than expected when you have the heating and cooling attachments were not an option found on some of the more expensive models. The case doesn’t always hold the attachments in place, but not a big issue by any means. The sound, when used, is not as loud as some other massage guns and quieter than expected. This will be your best option if you’re not looking to spend much money but want a massage gun with heat and cool attachment. 

What are the disadvantages of a massage gun?

There can be some disadvantages to using a massage gun, which can damage muscle fibers. There are disadvantages if you don’t know how to handle a massage gun properly. 

  • Stretching a muscle beyond its capacity can lead to painful muscle strains. This often results from improper movements. 
  • Strains result from excessive muscle stretching or sudden movements. 
  • If you’re using excessive pressure with your massage gun, this may cause ruptured blood vessels.
  • People with broken or fractured bones should refrain from using massage guns. The hammering motion of these devices can further deteriorate the condition. 
  • If you already have inflammation, refrain from using a massage gun, as it’ll only slow your healing process, aggravating your muscle pain and increasing inflammation.

Best High-End Massage Guns

If you want the best high-end massage guns, you have come to the right place. They are all on the pricy side, but even with it being pricy comes excellent benefits with these different massage guns. 

Theragun Pro Massage Gun, $399

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The Theragun Pro Massage Gun is athlete approved and designed for deep tissue massages and is known for 60 % going more profound than an average massage gun. It provides elite pain relief. It is the top-ranked massage gun because of the Bluetooth that is enabled. 

The unique triangular handle makes a huge difference when using this massage gun. The preprogrammed routines are excellent because they show on the screen which areas of your body to use and for how long. This massage gun is far more powerful than you will ever use, with five built-in speeds. 

Hypervolt 2 Massage Gun, $249

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The Hypervolt 2 Massage Gun is lightweight and will help you feel better faster.  It is travel-safe and even TSA-approved with the massage gun’s travel case. You won’t have to lower the TV or pause the music. It is whisper quiet, so you won’t even hear it. 

This massage gun has actual fitness modes even though it is shorter on speed settings. It is a better massager and will get the job done well by tenderizing the meat slowly; the way muscles are supposed to be worked in recovery. This goes a considerable distance to relieving muscle aches and pain and helping to loosen muscles and tendons, pulling my neck and back out of proper alignment. 

Achedaway Pro Massage Gun, $299

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The Achedaway Pro Massage Gun is a solid force to help relieve tight muscles, soreness, and stiff backs. There are five different speed levels with four different adjustments. The battery life is awesome, and the plus side is that the battery pack is detachable. 

The Achedaway Pro has a more powerful, quieter motor than the Theragun Pro. The soft head is fantastic for sensitive areas. Has great power but the only thing that could be improved would be a rubberized handle. 

Is It Worth Buying A Massage Gun?

A massage gun can be worth buying if you are into exercising or if you often have sore muscles. It would be best to save up for a massage gun if you meet those needs. Massage guns are for some people because they can be intense and tricky to use.

In conclusion, a massage gun is worth buying if you are a person that exercises regularly or if you are an athlete of any kind and need something to work out those sore muscles. If you want a massage gun, we recommend talking with your doctor first and seeing if they would recommend one that could be the best for you. We suggest doing your research before purchasing one to make sure it fits all your needs in what you are looking for when it comes to a massage gun.