Are HIIT Workouts A Summer Trend?

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT workouts, are becoming a popular exercise due to its simplicity and effectiveness. 

For those individuals who are interested in really making a difference in their physical fitness with a workout that is not complex or difficult to perform, HIIT may be perfect. 

In fact, researchers from Laval University in Canada have concluded that a HIIT workout has the potential to burn more fat in less time than traditional cardio workouts.

Why Is HIIT Popular?

HIIT workouts allow an individual to work out their entire body effectively in roughly twenty minutes:

They allow you to burn fat quickly, boost your endurance, harness more power from your muscles and give your metabolic health a major leg up. 

You essentially train at or very near the threshold of your body’s capacity for short periods of time, resting in between each burst of workout activity; the individual is pushing their body hard, toward exhaustion, for a specific, measured period of time, and then pulling back to recharge.

Variations Of HIIT Workouts

Allowing for variations, the HIIT workout typically involves exercising at a high pace for anywhere between twenty-five to sixty seconds, followed by exercising at a low, slow pace or even completely resting for anywhere between thirty to one hundred forty seconds. 

This is repeated for a total of fifteen to twenty minutes.  In Tabata, an individual sprints for twenty seconds and rests for ten seconds, then repeats eight times. 

HIIT can also be done on an ergo bike, with a jump rope, or even on a rowing machine. 

In a more thorough workout, an individual chooses five different exercises in the gym that each focuses on a different muscle group.  They then perform eight to twelve repetitions as quickly as possible, rest briefly, and then repeat–four to six times total.


Whichever style of HIIT workout you prefer, there is no doubt you will be burning fat.  This type of metabolic fitness training has often proven to be the most effective way to lose fat and build muscle, which means it can be a vital part of workout regimens for bodybuilders and fitness experts.

Another wonderful benefit of HIIT workouts is the fact that individuals continue to burn calories for thirty-six to forty-eight hours afterwards.  That said, while it can be a wonderful addition to one’s overall workout regimen, it is not a replacement for other, high-level, specialized training.