10 Best CrossFit Grips in 2023

What are CrossFit Grips? Which CrossFit grips are the best for me? Get all of your questions answered in our article, and protect your hands with the best CrossFit grips. You won’t have to suffer with sore or blistered hands any longer after buying your perfect pair of CrossFit grips.

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What Are CrossFit Grips?

CrossFit Grips are also known as palm protectors, and are used by many CrossFit enthusiasts as well as gymnasts. CrossFit Grips are designed to shield the palms from abrasions, tears, and calluses that can occur during CrossFit training. Made with durable materials to cover the palm and sometimes loop over the fingers, they add that extra layer of protection between your skin and the metal bar.

What Grips Do CrossFit Athletes Use?

CrossFit athletes use grips brands such as WOD, Rogue, Jerkfit, Element 26, PICSIL, Bear Komplex, and Victory Grips. Often it depends on the athlete on which brand they end up choosing, as well as if they want finger holes in their grips or not. You can be assured though that several athletes use most of the CrossFit grips we have compiled on this list.

When Should You Use CrossFit Grips?

You’re are going to want to use CrossFit Grips for bar exercises such as pull-ups, toes-to-bars, muscle-ups, and barbell lifts. Whenever there is a metal bar that you might be lifting that could pull your skin, CrossFit Grips can help you out. They are also usable for both gym workout and outdoor training, making grips versatile for any workout you will be doing.

Why Is it Important to Train With Hand Grips vs. Without Hand Grips?

Hand grips are the buffer between the bar and your hand, so it is important to use them in order to protect your hands while completing CrossFit exercises. There will be less friction when using hand grips, as well as less fatigue in your hands in forearms as some of the weight is taken off of those muscles with hand grips. Without hand grips, you are more susceptible to getting blisters and calluses, and having to stop training so your hands can heal if the skin peels off.

5 Benefits of Wearing CrossFit Grips

  1. Injury Prevention & Joint Stability
  2. Versatility
  3. Extended Training Sessions with Reduced Hand Fatigue
  4. Protection Against Blisters & Calluses
  5. Enhanced Grip & Control During Workouts

What Are the Best CrossFit Grips?

Check out our list of the top ten best CrossFit Grips on the market.

10. WOD Nation Grips, $15

Made from leather and nylon, the WOD Nation grips are triple-stitched for extra durability and have two finger holes. They are also the most affordable set of grips on our list, and can hold chalk quite well. You do need to be careful as sometimes the grips can get slippery with sweat, and if you want more coverage the two hole might not be enough.

9. WOD N DONE, $18

If you’re new to the grips community and just want to try out what grips feel like, the WOD N DONE grips are the best choice for you. These are single use grips that are basically specially-cut kinesiology tape grips that have three finger holes, and hold up quite well for being single use. But, if you are a more active user of grips and want to be budget-friendly, just buy a durable set of grips you can use over and over.

8. Rogue V2 Gymnastics Grips, $30

If you need hand protection but still don’t want to break the bank while doing so, you should check out the Rogue V2 Gymnastics Grips. The suede 2.5″ wide strap allows for adequate grip while you are completing your exercises, and has a velcro strap around the wrist and two finger holes. Only after a significant amount of use and chalk will these grips start to get slippery, so you don’t have to worry about needing to get a new set right away.

7. JerkFit WODies, $32

If you need a grip with both hand protection and wrist support, the JerkFit WODies are the grip for you. The three hole neoprene palm grip is slightly padded, so if you need that extra support it is there for you. Another plus with these grips is that when they get too dirty or slippery, you can just throw them in the washing machine. These grips come in four sizes, so make sure you measure your hand correctly to get the right one.

6. Element 26 Iso Grip Hand Grips, $35

Known as one of the most comfortable sets of hand grips, the Element 26 Iso Grips do not have finger holes, but instead three loops on the back of the grip where you can put your fingers. You can customize your wrist strap by cutting the length, and even without chalk these grips stay sticky. They also have a grip that has no holes or loops if you prefer those types of CrossFit grips more.

5. PICSIL Azor Grips, $40

Sweaty hands will have no chance against the PICSIL Azor Grips, which have material-patented micro-perforated fabric that allows your hands to breathe throughout your entire workout. You can choose from no holes, two holes, or three holes in the grips, and their soft flexible material will feel great against your palms. They are also vegan and allergen-free, which is always a benefit to have.

4. PICSIL Fingerless Grips, $43

If you enjoy a grip without finger holes, the PICSIL Fingerless Grips will become your new best friend during your workouts. Like other PICSIL brand grips, these are made of carbon fiber which some people swear by, as it gives a unique feel to gripping a bar or kettlebell. With an easily adjustable velcro strap, you really can’t go wrong with these fingerless grips.

3. Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand Grips- Carbon Fiber, $45

If you want a quality long-lasting gymnastic grip, you should try out the Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand Grips. If you’ve been on social media, at least on the fitness side, you’ve probably seen these grips before on several CrossFit Games athletes. Though Bear Komplex sponsors these athletes, they also really enjoy using these lightweight and sticky carbon fiber grips. There is also a two finger hole design, but many seasoned CrossFit athletes swear by the three finger hole design.

2. Raw Gear Barehand Minimalist Gloves, $50

You’re not a huge fan of excessive straps and padding? No problem, because you can use the Barehand Minimalist Gloves and still get a great grip on the bars without all the extra material in the way. They are also super thin (1.3mm), so you can get a near contact grip with the bar. The only possible downside is if you palm the bar, as the gloves only cover the top of your palm right underneath your fingers.

1. Victory Grips Tactical, $58

The Victory Tactical Grips are built with the user in mind, especially since the founder Victor Pellegrino competed in both gymnastics and CrossFit. These grips are thin yet grippy, and this is partly due to the material used on the grips. On the outside is a rubber polymer that sticks to the bar, while the inside is kevlar so there is minimal friction between the grip and your skin. Finally, Victory was one of the first brands to include the three finger hole grips, and their rounded edge grips are still superior to other brands.

How We Chose the Best CrossFit Grips

We chose the best CrossFit grips by looking across several reliable websites and over several reviews, in order to curate a list of the ten best CrossFit grips that are perfect for working out.

Choosing the Right CrossFit Grips for You 

Credit: John Arano

The most important part about getting CrossFit Grips is finding the right size for your hand. A common mistake many people make while buying their grips is that they buy them too small. You’re going to want grips that are slightly bigger than you might think, and will fit loosely on your palm. If you end up buying too small of a size, you will not only see the benefits of using the correct sized grips, but you will be more susceptible to still getting calluses or ripping your calluses.

What Are the Best Grips for CrossFit PICSIL?

Our list includes two types of CrossFit PICSIL grips; the PICSIL Azor Grips and the PICSIL Fingerless Grips. Each of these are relatively thin, but still padded to keep your hands comfortable during the entire workout. Their durability also helps, as you should not need to buy new grips that often.

How thick are PICSIL grips?

Most PICSIL grips have a different range of thickness to choose from, depending on your level of intensity and workout preferences. For instance the RX grip has a thickness of 1.8mm, while the Phoenix grips has a thickness of 1.5mm, and the Falcon grips have a thickness of 2.4mm. The best way to choose is to figure out what exercises you will be doing with them, and what works best for your hands.

How do you size PICSIL grips?

To figure out your grip size you will need to grab a ruler. The measurement you will be taking is from your wrist to the fingers. Next, you need to choose between two sizes — Size 1 (which protects your hand) or Size 2 (which protects your fingers or makes a fold). After you decide which size you prefer, then you need to figure out thickness in order to buy the right type of PICSIL grips.

What Grips Are Best for WODprep?

There are several types of grips you can use, from fingerless to full-finger grips. According to WODprep.com, the best grips for WODprep are fingerless gloves from a brand called Element26. They act in a similar way that straps do when you are weightlifting — they take some of the weight off of your grip.

Best CrossFit Grips for Beginners?

Rogue V2 Gymnastic Grips, $30

Mentioned above, the Rogue V2 is probably your best choice if your getting into CrossFit and plan to continue doing these types of workouts. If you are only trying it once, maybe use the WOD N DONE set above, since they are single use and won’t break the bank to buy a set. But, if you are dedicated to CrossFit start with the Rogue V2s. They are durable, within your budget, and can last long enough for you to upgrade your gear if you get series about CrossFit.

Best CrossFit Grips for Intermediate and Advanced Athletes?

Bear Komplex Hand Grips, $45

Also mentioned above are the Bear Komplex Hand Grips, which are perfect for intermediate and advanced athletes, especially since so many CrossFit athletes already promote using them. The Bear Komplex grips will not break the bank in terms of price, and really do stand up to the test of time and your workouts. They will give you a great grip on the bar without much discomfort, and the carbon fiber grips are hard to beat.

Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining CrossFit Grips

  • Hand/Machine Wash: You can get your CrossFit grips clean by either hand washing them or throwing them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Sweat and chalk build up on the surface of your grips, and the last thing you want to have is a bar slipping while its in your hands.
  • Leather Grips: Since you cannot readily throw these in the wash, try using a metal wire brush to loosen up and get rid of excess chalk that has built up on the surface.
  • Let them dry out: If you’re an excessive sweater, you might want to let these dry after each use so they do not collect moisture and mess up your grip on the bar.


CrossFit is an intensive sport, so you need to have the best equipment possible in order to keep your reps perfect and your body safe. Nobody wants to have giant blisters on their hands, and CrossFit grips can help alleviate this problem. Hopefully within our list of the top ten best CrossFit grips you found the perfect set, and can continue to lift and do gymnastics with a little less hand pain.

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